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They Call This Representation?

Term limits have not solved one problem. I found a letter from Mike Hewitt in my mail box today, addressed “Dear Republican Voter.” I’ve already seen signs for him up all over town. Hewitt explains that due to term limits Barb Vander Veen, my far right wing state rep (I added the editorial comment) must […]

Bob Herbert on The Fight Against Terrorism

Bob Herbert looks at our progress in fighting terrorism. “A strong, bipartisan consensus emerged on two crucial points: 84 percent of the respondents said the United States was not winning the war on terror, and 86 percent said the world was becoming more — not less — dangerous for Americans.” Both Democrats and Republicans agreed […]

Bomb The Museums

David Brooks writes today about museums of Washington, D.C. The last time I quoted David Brooks I was informed that, as he is member of the Republican noise machine, we must never, ever, quote David Brooks (who is really Ann Coulter in reverse drag). We certainly must not agree with David Brooks, even when he […]

Insurgents Offer to Halt Attacks in Iraq if U.S. Agrees to Withdrawal in Two Years

AP News is reporting that “Eleven Sunni insurgent groups have offered an immediate halt to all attacks — including those on American troops — if the United States agrees to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq in two years, insurgent and government officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday. ” Withdrawal is the centerpiece of a […]

Obama on Religion

It is amazing that liberal bloggers who often show distrust of the mainstream media accept the media reports about O’Bama’s speech to a conference of Call to Renewal. The media covered the story by repeating sterotypes beginning with the title, Obama: Democrats Must Court Evangelicals, and subsequently some bloggers have blasted Obama for feeding into […]

My Secret Identity Revealed–I am Spiderman

A few days ago I had a survey which revealed that I am an Autonomous Rebel. Only a handful were interested enough to both take the test and reveal their results. I guess an assessment of human social values wasn’t of much interest to our other readers. Therefore I must move on to a test […]

Ted Kennedy on the Texas Redistricting Case

As reported here earlier today, the Supreme Court reached a decision on the Texas redistricting case, upholding “the basic outlines of a Republican Congressional redistricting plan in Texas.” Senator Edward M. Kennedy released the following statement on the Texas redistricting case: “The Supreme Court had to act here only because the Bush Administration rejected the […]

Conservative Group Backs Medical Marijuana

I’ve often commented on the inconsistency between conservatives calling themselves advocates of limited government while supporting measures which increase government intrusion in individual’s lives. I’m happy to be able to report on the opposite–a conservative group which is actually supporting a measure to limit government where it needs to be limited. Citizens Against Government Waste […]