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Republicans Confuse Reality and Fiction With 24

While David Brooks takes on Kos, Maureen Dowd had a bigger target, Michael Chertoff, who attended a panel entitled ” ’24’ and America’s Image in Fighting Terrorism: Fact, Fiction or Does It Matter?” These guys were so lame they asked an informant for boots, radios, binoculars, uniforms and cash, believing he was Al Qaeda — […]

David Brooks on Kos the Keyboard Kingpin

If Kos’s original goal in blasting TNR for revealing information sent out on the Townhouse list was to limit controversy and unfavorable publicity, his strategy has failed. Besides all the talk in the blogosphere, this has now spread to the opinion pages of The New York Times. When I first read in Raw Story that […]

Chicken Warriors of the Conservative Blogoshere

Here’s one of the more inane conservative posts to link here, thinking they made a point. GOP3.com, a site which claims to be “Fighting Like Warriors and Thinking Right. Systematically Debunking Liberal Rhetoric” follows the typical conservative strategy of avoiding discussion of the actual issues. They link to a previous post here on John Kerry’s […]

An Autonomous Rebel

Like Kevin Drum (from where I found out about this survey), I find that I’m an Autonomous Rebel. Others in this group (which appears quite diverse) include John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Gloria Steinem. You can find out where you fall here.

DNC Chair Howard Dean Repeats Call for Iraq Troop Drawdown

DNC Chair Howard Dean, in the Democratic Radio Address this morning, cited “the Bush administration’s ‘failed political leadership and lack of foresight and planning’ for turning U.S. soldiers into targets for the Iraqi insurgency.” Dean, echoing what some Dems in the Senate and the House have been saying, said the “Republican plan of ‘stay the […]

TNR Back on Target in Latest In Battle With Kos

TNR fires the latest shot in the battle between them and Kos (previously discussed here). Today TNR gives us a “A MESSAGE FROM TNR’S LIEBERMAN-LOVING NEOCON OWNER.” This remains a war in which neither side is completely right or completely wrong. Martin Peretz doesn’t make the mistake of some earlier TNR posts in overstating Kos’s […]

“The most important work”

TownOnline reports on one of John Kerry’s activities on Monday, giving us another glimpse of the chasm between republican so-called “values” and true Christian values expressed by caring for one’s community and helping the disadvantaged. Kerry points to “The most important work” By Patrick Brodrick/ Staff Writer Thursday, June 22, 2006 CLINTON – It has […]