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E&P: Pundits are All Wet Over Polls, Pols and Iraq

Greg Mitchell tore up the arguments of a few pundits in E&P today, for their parroting of right-wing talking points over the Iraq debate. Most notably Mitchell pointed to a sleazy little piece in the NY Times today from Jim Rutenberg and Adam Nagourney. Mitchell says (emphasis added)… You’d never know it from some of […]

Ted Kennedy on the Amendments to Begin Redeployment of American Troops from Iraq

The media spin on the Senate votes today on redeploying the troops from Iraq is in full swing. Senator Ted Kennedy released the following statement on the Senate votes: “Today’s vote demonstrates the extent to which Republicans have become a rubber stamp for the President’s failed policy. It’s wrong to affirm that ‘stay the course’ […]

A Military Draft Might Awaken Us

I’m not a fan of Joan Vennochi’s often vitrolic columns in the the Boston Globe, but in the wake of today’s rubber stamp vote in the Senate on the two Deomcratic proposals for withdrawal from Iraq, I must say, Vennochi’s right on this one… Reinstate the military draft and see how quickly the United States […]

John Kerry on the Vote on Kerry-Feingold-Boxer-Leahy Amendment

Today, the Republican controlled Senate rejected two proposals on withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq — “one that set a deadline for a pullout and the other that stopped short of establishing a timetable.” Both the Levin amendment and the Kerry-Feingold amendment were voted down in a clear statement of how out of touch the Senate […]

John Kerry on Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees Wednesday Night

John Kerry was on the Anderson Cooper Show last night talking about the Kerry-Feingold amendment, here’s the transcript: ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES COOPER: Senator Kerry, you want to set a date for withdrawal of troops from Iraq July 2007. Why is it so important to you to set this date? SEN. JOHN KERRY (D), MASSACHUSETTS: […]

Rick Santorum’s WMD Tall Tale

Rick Santorum told a tall tale during the debate on the Kerry-Feingold Iraq amendment and in a press conference on Wednesday. Attempting to draw attention from the real issue of withdrawing our troops from Iraq, Rick Santorum used the Senate debate, for a highly staged act in which he asserted that “several Senate Democrats” had […]