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John Kerry: Congress Gets a Raise but Americans Don’t

There’s something terribly wrong in Washington, D.C. Our leaders are so out of touch with the reality that the economy is eating away at the pocketbooks of average Americans. When Congress can approve their own pay raise but Americans get no minimum wage increase, it’s time to holler a lot louder. What will it take […]

Grey Goose and Vodka Gimlets

Checking the stat counter often shows that people have found old posts here by a number of interesting searches. For example tonight one Google search was for “which vodka give the same taste of grey goose.” If drinking vodka straight the only acceptable alternatives are likely to be equally expensive, which likely isn’t the goal […]

Faith and Reason: Bill Moyers Returns

When it seems like the recent giants of broadcast journalism are disappearing, one is returning. Bill Moyers returns to PBS on June 23 with a new show, Faith and Reason. This is from the description of the show: In a world where religion is poison to some and salvation to others, how do we live […]

NPR’s All Things Considered: Kerry Bill Would Remove U.S. Troops By July 2007

John Kerry was on All Things Considered today speaking with Robert Siegel about the Kerry-Feingold amendment on Iraq. A Senate amendment would set July 1, 2007, as the firm date for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq — and would require the immediate pullback of U.S. forces from the country’s war zone. But the bill […]

C-Span Alert: Kerry/Feingold Amendment Debate on Now

The Senate is getting started on the debate on the Kerry-Feingold amendment. Right out of the gate, Senator John Warner is wasting time arguing about who gets how much time… Oh this should be delightful… The GOP is attacking the proposal on the merit of who gets how much time! I’ll be adding updates as […]

Ted Kennedy on his Support of Levin-Reed and Kerry-Feingold Iraq Amendments

The following is the statement from Senator Ted Kennedy on his support of both the Levin-Reed and Kerry-Feingold Iraq Amendments: Mr. President, I intend to support the Levin-Reed amendment, and I also intend to support the Kerry amendment. Both amendments make clear that Democrats are united in our belief that it’s time to shift to […]

Kerry Stands Determined as Democratic Leadership Drops the Ball

Have you seen the Democratic Leadership today? I have, but the leader on the issue of Iraq, sure as hell isn’t Minority Leader Harry Reid, or his posse of Senators who offered up a weak amendment today to counter the Kerry/Feingold/Boxer/Leahy amendment which sets a firm date for withdrawal from Iraq. The real leader of […]

GOP Controlled Senate Rejects Bid to Raise Minimum Wage, Kennedy Responds to Vote

The GOP controlled Senate rejected a bid to raise the minimum wage today, in a clear slap across the face of poor and struggling Americans. The vote today in the Senate, marked the 9th time since 1997 that Republicans have blocked an increase in the minimum wage. “Americans believe that no one who works hard […]