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Mr. Popularity For President

The Washington Post has a story entitled Obama’s Profile Has Democrats Taking Notice with the subtitle Popular Senator Is Mentioned as 2008 Contender. Obama may have many fine qualities, and may even make an excellent Presidential candidate at some future point, but 2008 appears a bit soon. Two years in the Senate is hardly sufficient […]

Inequality in America

The Economist has a special report on Inequality in America: The rich, the poor and the growing gap between them. They found things in America were going well until 2000. Now, what happened that year? From the report: AMERICANS do not go in for envy. The gap between rich and poor is bigger than in […]

Conservatives Recycle Same Spin To Hide Lies on War

My, how CBS has fallen, but the right wing media stays the same. CBS’s web site includes an article from National Review which recycles the same old, and dishonest, right wing talking points on the war. They continue to try to hide the dishonesty of the Bush Administration behind false claims of flip flopping by […]

Cokie Roberts Shows Trend is Towards Acceptance of Gay Marriage

I find Cokie Roberts is often bashed in the liberal blogoshere, but I could never bring myself to dislike her. I’m sure readers could come up with plenty of quotes from her which I disagree with, but that’s unlikely to change my feelings about her. Perhaps its a bit of chivalry in not hating a […]

Dixie Chicks Recovering From Controversy

Not being a fan of country music my only contact with The Dixie Chicks had been to copy songs from a CD to my daugher’s MP3 player for her. While I make exceptions, I’m also closer to the Murphey Brown school of music in not listening to much done after 1969. Still, I felt sorry […]