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Dem’s ‘New Direction’

The Democratic Party is talking about a “New Direction” and quite frankly that’s music to my ears. We’ve been heading down a steep, slippery slope for too damn long now and it’s high time American’s woke up to the fact that the Republican Party ain’t cutting it for the average American. The Bush administration has […]

Another Bush Staffer Bites the Dust

Another Bush staffer is stepping down… Michael J. Gerson, one of President Bush’s most trusted advisers and the author of nearly all of his most famous public words over the past seven years, plans to step down in the next couple of weeks in a decision that colleagues believe will leave a hole in the […]

Taylor Marsh: Kerry Openly Challenges Clinton

Taylor Marsh, writing from the Take Back America conference last night called John Kerry’s speech at TBA an open challenge to Hillary Clinton, on her “stay the course ” stance on Iraq. Taylor said: It was nothing less than a broadside. Well, actually, there were multiple plays: Kerry vs. Clinton; followed by House Republicans against […]

John Kerry Demands US Troop Pullout

Rick Klein of the Boston Globe, reports today on John Kerry’s speech Tuesday at the Take Back America Conference, in Washington, D.C.. Senator John F. Kerry is placing himself at the center of congressional action over the war in Iraq this week with a crisply worded resolution to require President Bush to withdraw almost all […]

John Kerry Listens to Small-Business Concerns

John Kerry was in Worcester, MA on Monday listening to the concerns of small business owners. Unlike George W. Bush, Kerry actually gets that small businesses are stuggling in the Bush economy. While the Bush administration has repeated forced cut-backs on the SBA, John Kerry fights to keep the programs alive. In the twisting hallways […]

Former Guantánamo Detainee Tells Story of Despair

In an OP/ED in today’s NY Times, a former Guantánamo detainee tells the story of despair and how in Guantánamo, the “difference between telling the truth and lying, between committing a crime and not committing it” is nothing but a “a box of candy.” Here’s a few quips… I WAS released from the United States […]

E&P: Pentagon Orders U.S. Reporters to Exit Guantanamo

Editor & Publisher reports in an exclusive, that the Pentagon has ordered reporters to leave Guantanamo island, in yet another attempt of the Bush administration to control the message and the media. In the aftermath of the three suicides at the notorious Guantanamo prison facility in Cuba last Saturday, reporters with the Los Angeles Times […]