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The Kerry Gatekeeper

The three year long role The Democratic Daily’s own Pamela Leavey has played in the blogosphere for John Kerry has been noticed by the liberal on-line community.

Martini Republic interviews our Pamela, or as she will hence force me known The Kerry Gatekeeper

Video Of John Kerry’s Speech at Take Back America

There’s video available of John Kerry’s speech at the Take Back America conference today. WATCH IT HERE! Or watch on PoliticsTV in: Windows Media or QuickTime The full text of John Kerry’s speech is available here.

Kerry Spokesman David Wade on Karl Rove’s Smear of Murtha, Kerry

Karl Rove was dishing out the smears again yesterday in NH, against Rep. John Murtha and Senator John Kerry again. Below is a statement from Kerry’s chief spokesperson, David Wade righteously smacking down Rove: “The closest Karl Rove ever came to combat was these last months spent worrying his cellmates might rough him up in […]

Quote of the Day

John Kerry: “Bushes, the Cheneys, the armchair warriors whose front line is an air conditioned conference rooms.”

John Kerry at the Take Back America 2006 Conference

John Kerry spoke at the Take Back America 2006 Conference in Washington, D.C. this morning. The following is the transcript of his speech as transcribed by Congressional Quarterly: SPEAKER: U.S. SENATOR JOHN F. KERRY (D-MA) KERRY: Thank you very much. Listening to John Powers, I’ve got to tell you, you just are filled with a […]

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq

Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq today, but he didn’t have his posse in tow. President Bush arrived in Baghdad today for a face-to-face meeting with new Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki — an effort, the White House said, to get a clear sense of the premier’s priorities and how the U.S. government could […]

Ted Kennedy on the Voting Rights Act

Ted Kennedy spoke about the Voting Rights Act today, to the Senate Judiciary Committee… Statement by Senator Edward M. Kennedy on the Voting Rights Act (as prepared for delivery before the Senate Judiciary Committee): Mr. Chairman, thank you for convening these hearings and for your continued commitment to keeping us on track to reauthorize the […]

“Those Pesky Voters” and Why Speaking Out Matters

NY Times columnist Bob Herbert chimed in yesterday with his opinion on the Robert Kennedy, Jr. article in this month’s Rolling Stone magazine. Here’s a few quips from his OP/ED…. June 12, 2006 Those Pesky Voters By Bob Herbert I remember fielding telephone calls on Election Day 2004 from friends and colleagues anxious to talk […]