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Quote Of The Day

“They cut and run from common sense,” Kerry said. “These people have no record of getting this correct. Every time they’ve been confronted with a choice about Iraq, they get it wrong.”

Preznit & Posse on Iraq or Lame Duck & Ducklings Keep Quacking

The Preznit came out to speak to the press today about Iraq, with his Posse backing him up… He said, “stay the course”… … Bush said talk of a US withdrawal from Iraq was premature but placed new leaders in Baghdad squarely in charge of ultimately pacifying their country. Bush suggested that the fledgling government […]

John Kerry – Act Now: Senate Vote on Iraq Hours Away!

As I reported earlier, John Kerry “will be introducing an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill that will “redeploy U.S. combat troops out of Iraq by the end of 2006,” as Bush continued to push today the “stay the course” message that American’s know is frutiless. An email action alert went out earlier today from […]

Canadian Muslims Radicalized by Saudi Propaganda

Those Saudi texts promoting hatred may be doing harm closer to home. CBC News reports that some of those recently arrested in the Canadian bomb plot were radicalized by Saudi material: A Muslim religious leader in Toronto who knows some of those charged in the suspected bomb plot says the young men underwent rapid transformations […]

John Kerry to Offer Amendment to Redeploy U.S. Combat Troops from Iraq by End of Year

As I noted here late last night, this week, John Kerry will be introducing an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill that will “redeploy U.S. combat troops out of Iraq by the end of 2006.” Kerry believes that “It’s time for Iraqis to stand up for Iraq.” John Kerry is calling for the withdrawal of […]

Kerry Endorses Webb

John Kerry has posted in support of Jim Webb at the Huffington Post: I’m for Jim Webb. He’s a Marine, and I say “is’ because when you’re a Marine you’re a Marine for life. And I say that as a Navy man. The people calling the shots in Washington have a habit of treating veterans […]

Not An Unnatural Act for George

Lipscomb Continues Smears on Kerry

Thomas Lipscomb continues to smear Kerry at Real Clear Politics. Pamela has shown why his writing is not trustworthy here and here. An early clue that this article isn’t going anywhere comes in the second paragraph as he makes reference to “a Kerry-sponsored (and Kerry-censored) documentary campaign film by respected producer Steve Rosenbaum, Inside the […]