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Kerry to Call for Change of Course in Iraq, as Congress Prepares to Focus on War, Terrorism

In the news today… “War and terrorism will take center stage in Congress next week, as both chambers vote on an emergency military spending bill and the House devotes a day to debating a resolution on Iraq and terrorism.” The Republican’s are expected to issue their usual “stay the course” mantra. In the Senate, John […]

Washington Post Advises Democrats. Thanks, But No Thanks

Michael Grunwald has some advice for Democrats on How to Reconnect With Voters and Realize Your Dreams of Victory in today’s Washington Post. I don’t have much confidence in his advice. Late in the article it looked like Grunwald had something meaningful to say, and then went off in the wrong direction: So here’s a […]

Yearly Warner?

The Booman Tribune has had some good coverage of Yearly Kos which makes some wonder if next year it will be called Daily Warner. After showing the degree to which Yearly Kos is helping Warner, Booman questions: And the question then becomes, “is this what Daily Kos wants? Has Daily Kos come to a point […]

The Legal Complexities of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is an area where I believe both liberals and conservatives have made some valid points and the solution is far from clear. With that in mind I’ll just point out an interesting article on upcoming Supreme Court cases involving affirmative action which shows examples of why this is not such a simple question. […]

On Election Reform, It’s a Deal

Hot Air, a conservative site, reports on Yearly Kos, or as they word it Infiltrating Yearly Kos: Tinfoil hats spotted . In covering Howard Dean’s speech, and subsequent questions, they write: In response to a Diebold/election fraud question, he thinks that paper ballots are the only legitimate form of voting anymore. “We’ll restore reliable voting […]

The Benefits of Closing the Fund Raising Gap

Ginny has posted about how the Democrats are closing the