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Did Kerry Bloggers Win Nomination For Kerry?

Kos seems to think so. Back in March Kos was responding to criticism from TNR that the efforts of bloggers to win elections haven’t been very successful, with his site including a link to this post today. Kos responded with examples of what he saw as victories for bloggers: “Heck, call Kerry and ask him […]

Battlestar Gallitica Beats O’Reilly

One of the many controversies surrounding Bill O’Reilly is his false claim that he won a Peabody Award. Although totally unrelated, I did think back to that when reading that Battlestar Gallactica has won a Peabody this year. It was a much deserved honor for the show–an honor Bill O’Reilly is not deserving of.

War on Science Suffers Set Back

Check out this story at National Geographic: Global Warming Is Spurring Evolution, Study Says. Both global warming and evolution accepted as established science. The conservative war on science is failing.

Dayton Daily News Debunks 2004 Election Myths

Myths of fraud in the 2004 Ohio election have been repeated so frequently by portions (and fortuantely a minority) of the left wing blogosphere so frequently that some accept them as truth without evaluation. The controversy increased with Robert Kennedy’s article in Rolling Stone (discussed here and here). The Dayton Daily News, being near the […]