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The Kennedy Debate Continues

As anticpated, Robert Kennedy’s Rolling Stone article continues to create discussion in the blogosphere. Salon presents a reply from Kennedy to Manjoo’s article, along with a response from Manjoo. This was an obvious article for Salon with Manjoo having written the first and one of the most comprehensive evaluations of Kennedy’s article. (Of course Manjoo […]

STOP THE WAR – Pressure Congress

Taylor Marsh has a post up on FireDogLake today, “STOP THE WAR – Pressure Congress.” Taylor says on withdrawing from Iraq… The Republicans are trying to change the subject. We can’t let that happen. They want to talk about banning gay marriage when the real issue is Iraq. Taylor notes she’ll be at “YearlyKos later […]

The Truth About Thomas Lipscomb: Conservative Propagandist, Destroyer of Veterans

Thomas Lipscomb heads up the swift lie assault on John Kerry today on RealClearPolitcs. Lipscomb’s claim is that the NY Times had “embarrassingly poor coverage of Kerry in the face of the Swift Boat Veterans’ for Truth charges in the 2004 election.” I must say I agree with Mr. Lipscomb, but not for the same […]

Swift Boat Attacks on Kerry Dismissed As Urban Legends

With Pamela discussing the Swift Boat Lies once again, a couple of thoughts came to mind. As she notes, many right wing bloggers are continuing to bring this up, repeating the same lies which have repeatedly been disputed. This remains important for a number of reasons. There’s the principle Pamela discusses of standing up against […]

John Kerry Takes Up the Swift Boat Charges

The Minneapolis Star Tribune weighed in on John Kerry’s renewed fight against the Swift Liars with an editorial on Saturday, saying, “We’re glad Kerry is undertaking this effort.” Last Thursday, when John Kerry was in Los Angeles he sat down with a group of bloggers for an intimate chat about the issues of the past […]

IWR Resolution Blindness Syndrome

I wonder if there has been any other act of Congress about which there has been more disinformation than the Iraq War Resolution. First there was the disinformation from the Bush Administration, both with regards to the evidence for WMD and their false claims of seeking a diplomatic rather than military solution. Then we found […]

In Case You’re Just Catching On: The Economy Sucks

Ask any small business owner about the economy and most likely you’ll hear a tale of lost sales, cut back hours, slimmer profit margins and so on and so on… Since the gas prices went up, many small businesses are experiencing even more losses in recent weeks. The Bush administration keeps saying the economy is […]