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L.A. Times: Our Presidential Pick for ’08 (But You’ll Have to Wait)

The L.A. Times announced today that they are “reversing a 33-year-old policy,” and the L.A. Times “will endorse a presidential candidate next time around.” AS THE ABOVE EDITORIAL INDICATES, the Los Angeles Times editorial board endorses propositions placed on the ballot and candidates for public office. Not since Richard M. Nixon, however, have we endorsed […]

Gore: Don’t Count on a 2008 Run

Al Gore, in an interview broadcast today on ABC’s “This Week,”, said that he has “all but ruled out running for president in 2008, saying the best use of his time is to educate people about global warming.” “I honestly believe that the highest and best use of my skills and experience is to try […]

George Bush Forced Her To Have An Abortion

Well, not really force, but in this column in the Washington Post a woman explains how she wound up seeking an abortion due to being unable to obtain Plan B, an emergency contraceptive pill which can prevent pregnancy if taken within seventy-two hours of conception. The author explains her inability to obtain a prescription–all of […]

TNR on Kerry’s Iraq Email

The New Republic has some rather strange comments on John Kerry’s email on Iraq. Mixed in their snarky comments they write, “It was clear by mid-2004 that Kerry hated the war (and I’m not sure he ever truly supported it in his heart), but he couldn’t quite bring himself to say so.” They are right […]

Gore Convinces Skeptic

Making weak arguments which are easily refuted by those who review the facts has doomed many activists. Examples range from theories on the 2004 election discussed earlier to the environment. Michael Shermer writes in Scientific American how he became an environmental skeptic: My experience is symptomatic of deep problems that have long plagued the environmental […]