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The Un-Gore, Un-Hillary

With all the talk about Gore and Hillary, Susan Estrich mentions another strong 2008 contender. While we might disagree with a couple points, for the most part she sure makes sense: Opinion : The Un-Gore, Un-Hillary… by Susan Estrich While Al Gore is commanding all the attention of those searching for the un-Hillary, there’s another […]

Canadians Stop Terrorist Plot

The Toronto Globe and Mail reports on a series or raids in which seventeen were arrested and authorities “seized enough ammonium nitrate fertilizer to build an explosive device three times more devastating than the one used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.” Perhaps the scariest aspect of the article is: Commissioner McDonell said Western youths […]

Turning The Corner in Iraq

If M.C. Escher were to draw the Iraq situation:

Big Love Candidate

There is no doubt that television affects the popular culture, but despite the critical success of Big Love is America ready for this? Republican Jim Galley, who is running for Congress as a “pro-traditional family” candidate, was married to two women at the same time, defaulted on his child support payments and has been accused […]

Boehlert Criticizes Press Handling of Swift Boat Lies

Eric Boehlert, author of the excellent book, Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush, has a guest blog at Crooks and Liars on Why the Swift Boat Hoax Still Matters! I rcommend reading the entire post, as well as his book, with a selection posted below: Incredibly, faced with an elaborate campaign hoax, most […]

Books We’d Love to Read

Here’s a book I’d love to read. You’ll find it doesn’t exist at Abebooks: With over 80 million new, used, rare and out-of-print books for sale from 13,500 booksellers, Abebooks.com has the world’s largest selection. So if you can’t find a book on our site, it probably doesn’t exist. That’s the idea behind our new […]

Kennedy Made The Cover of the Rolling Stone, and Flopped

I eagerly anticipated Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Rolling Stone article examining questions of election fraud in Ohio. While such stories have been common in the blogosphere ever since the election, they have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. I noted that “assuming that Kennedy presents convincing evidence to support this article, this could have […]

Peter Welch Urges Drawdown of Troops in Iraq

Peter Welch, the Vermont state senator seeking the open seat held by Rep. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who is running for the Senate, delivered the Democratic Radio Address this morning. Welch said in the radio address that “U.S. soldiers need to begin leaving Iraq this year and the fledgling Iraqi government must take on more responsibility.” […]