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Bush, Blair Concede Missteps on Iraq but Hold to War Was Justified

In a press conference earlier tonight, President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair acknowledged a “series of errors in managing the occupation of Iraq that have made the conflict more difficult and more damaging to the U.S. image abroad,” however they were still insistant that “enough progress has been made that other nations should […]

John Kerry Votes for Immigration Reform

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill this evening, but “conservatives in the House of Representatives said they would continue to oppose any attempts at a compromise and Republican leaders acknowledged that delivering a bill to President Bush’s desk would be enormously difficult.” Below is a statement from Senator John Kerry on the comprehensive immigration […]

John Kerry on Prime Minister Olmert’s U.S. Visit

John Kerry attended the Joint Session of Congress yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Kerry most recently met Olmert when he was in Israel this January. Below is a statement Senator Kerry issued after the Joint Session: “Prime Minister Olmert’s visit has made clear that the Israeli people have chosen a strong and capable […]

Bush Orders FBI-Congress Documents Sealed

Bush stepped into the Justice Department’s constitutional confrontation with Congress today and ordered that documents seized in an FBI raid on a Congressman William Jefferson’s office be sealed for 45 days. The president directed that no one involved in the investigation have access to the documents under seal and that they remain in the custody […]

John Kerry on Enron Convictions

As reported here earlier today, a federal jury convicted former Enron chairman Ken Lay of “each of the six counts with which he was charged” and also convicted his protege Jeffrey Skilling “of 19 of 28 counts, holding the top executives accountable for fraud on their watch.” John Kerry issued the following statement on the […]

Check Your Rearview Mirror Before Pulling into Traffic

CA Rep. Jane Harman warns on the Agonist today, “Listen carefully in Washington these days and you’re likely to hear a faint drumbeat for war.” If this sounds a bit familiar, that’s because you’ve heard it before. Nearly four years ago, the Administration began to make the case for invading Iraq. We were told that […]

Johnson, Kerry Push for Expanded Native American Small Business Development

Senators Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.) are seeking to expand small business opportunities for Native Americans as the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship enters the reauthorization process for Small Business Administration (SBA) programs this year. Johnson sponsored the bipartisan Native American Small Business Development Act (S. 1907), along with Kerry and Sen. […]

Bush Taps Editor at Conservative Magazine To Be Top Policy Adviser

The latest staff change at the Bush White House is the appointment of longtime scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Karl Zinsmeister as top domestic policy adviser. Zinsmeister will be filling a post that “has been vacant since February, when Claude A. Allen stepped down after being charged with stealing more than $5,000 in a […]