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ABC News Sticks to Hastert Story

As Ron reported here earlier ABC reported that “Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is under investigation by the FBI in a corruption probe.” This report on ABC’s The Blotter set off a firestorm in the blogosphere left and right and it didn’t take long for Hastert’s office to issue a categorical denial and likewise […]

A Step in the Right Direction: ‘Finally Feeling the Heat’

In response to the opening of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” today, Gregg Easterbrook, a fellow at the Brookings Institution writes in the NY Times today that he’s recently changed his position on Global Warming, from “skeptic to convert.” While his conversion may be notable he still thinks Bush “was right to withdraw the United […]

Hastert Under Investigation

There’s no end to GOP corruption. Now ABC reports that Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is under investigation by the FBI in a corruption probe. If he was pissed off about the FBI raiding William Jefferson’s office, imagine how he’ll feel if they go into his office.

Government Dismantles Veterans Small Business Contracting Office, Terminates Veterans’ Advisory Committee

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) today voiced his concerns about two severe actions taken by the Bush Administration, turning its back on the veteran’s community during a time of war. Without consultation or notification, the Bush Administration has closed its office at the Small Business Administration (SBA) solely dedicated to helping veteran-owned small businesses gain access […]

Send a Dem Daily Blogger to the Take Back America Conference in D.C.

Here’s the deal… I’ve been invited to be a featured blogger at the Take Back America Conference 2006 from June 12 – 14. I’d absolutely love to do this, but I need some help getting there. This is great opportunity to raise the exposure of The Democratic Daily another notch or two. John Kerry is […]

House Passes Bill to Protect Pets in Disasters

A bill has passed the House with bipartisan support to “require state and local preparedness offices to take into account pet owners, household pets and service animals when drawing up evacuation plans. Offices that fail to do so would not qualify for grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.” Similar legislation is being introduced in […]

Quote of the Day

President Bush said today he has nothing but respect for Mexico and its people and he will always speak the truth to them. Here’s my question: When can we get that deal? —Jay Leno

Iran Wants to Talk

Iraq has been the major source for disagreement on foreign policy between left and right (with notable exceptions such as Hillary Clinton and Patrick Buchanan taking the opposite viewpoint from others in their parties). Beyond Iraq there are clear differences between liberal and conservative approaches to national security. Iran may become another litmus test, especially […]