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Senator Ted Kennedy’s Remarks: Murtha and Mora Receive Profile in Courage Awards

Today, Rep. John Murtha will be awarded the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in Boston for his bold stance that U.S. troops should be pulled out of Iraq. The Guardian U.K. reports, Murtha’s “statement many say helped change the public debate over the war, because of Murtha’s past as a Democratic hawk and […]

John Kerry on Developments in Iraq, New Iraqi Government: We Must Begin a Schedule for Withdrawing Troops by the End of This Year

John Kerry held a press conference in Boston today on the latest developments in Iraq, as Bush stated at a speech today in Chicago, “The government [in Iraq] is still a work in progress. And overcoming longstanding divisions will take time.” At his press conference today, John Kerry said: “Rather than set deadlines and get […]

Data of 26.5 Million U.S. Veterans Stolen, John Kerry Says: “Someone Needs To Be Fired”

(MSNBC) In the news today, a computer disk with the personal data of approximately 26.5 million U.S. veterans has been stolen from the home of a Veterans Affairs analyst. The V.A. released this information today. Senator John Kerry issued the following statement on the reports that the personal data of over 26 million U.S. military […]

Wired News Violates Court Order, Publishes ATT/NSA Documents

Wired News has stepped up and published “the full AT&T documents are filed under seal in federal court in San Francisco,” in the class-action lawsuit from Electronic Frontier Foundation. Electronic Frontier Foundation alleges that AT&T cooperated in an illegal National Security Agency domestic surveillance program. Whistleblower, former AT&T technician Mark Klein is the key witness […]

Kerry Business Conference in Massachusetts Helps Cut Red Tape, Provides Disaster Recovery Info

Today, Senator John Kerry hosted a regional procurement conference and business expo with the Merrimack Chamber of Commerce in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to help small businesses navigate the process of getting federal contracts and to provide disaster recovery information on the heels of the region’s worst flooding in 70 years. “Our goal is to help small […]

Another Episode of Rove Watch: Kurtz on Truthout

In the latest episode of Rove Watch, Howard Kurtz has penned an assault on Jason Leopold and Truthout in defense of Karl Rove and his lawyers. While Truthout has issued some clarification on their story (see here), there still has been no confirmation to verify that Rove has been indicted — this latest scene from […]

Schumer Plans Book Showing Both Parties Are Out of Step

Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, has signed a book deal. Per an announcement from Schumer’s office on Sunday, the book is planned for publication in January. Mr. Schumer said he was writing about what he contends is the failure by both Republicans and Democrats to articulate a vision of government that addresses contemporary […]

John Kerry to Hold Press Conference on Iraq Today

Today marks the deadline in the Iraqi constitution for the Iraqis to have a government. Yesterday, President Bush said that “the formation of a government marked a “new day” for Iraq” but Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said “it was too early to make commitments on withdrawing U.S. troops.” In April, Senator John Kerry set […]