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Truthout Issues Partial Apology

Truthout has issued a comment on their story of last week that Karl Rove was indicted. Now if I could just figure out what this really means: The Rove Indictment Story as of Right Now On Saturday afternoon, May 13, 2006, TruthOut ran a story titled, “Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to […]

The Democratic Daily, Authoritative Source

Need to prove a point to a journalist? Just quote The Democratic Daily. At least that’s what John Kerry’s office has done. Check out this entry from a blog from Boston’s CBS affiliate: Kerry For President Is he really going to do it again? Yes, he is. How else to explain his feverish reaction in […]

John and Teresa Heinz Kerry to Pen Environmental Book

The Boston Globe noted yesterday that John Kerry is scheduled to pen a book on the environment with Teresa Heinz Kerry, for Public Affairs. This disclosure came by way of peek into Kerry and Kennedy’s books in the Globe.

Flaws In Use of Air Marshals Exposed by ABC

We don’t need extensive warrantless spying on Americans to fight terrorism. We need to use our current tools more effectively. This ranges from the President actually reading and acting upon intelligence briefings which warn of an imminent attack and sensible use of air marshals. Brian Ross of ABC News has been looking at problems with […]

Support The Patriot Project

A few weeks ago I signed up for the email list at The Patriot Project. Today I recieved the following email from The Patriot Project… please consider helping out. Over the last two weeks The Patriot Project has been contacting veterans running for the House and Senate encouraging them to publicly release their military records. […]

Hearing the Opposite from John McCain

Michael Kinsley has a theory as to John McCain’s appeal. McCain “says plainly that he is for the war, or against abortion choice, and people hear the opposite. It’s a gift, I guess.” That must be why so many people mistakingly believe he is a moderate.

The Toll of Iraq: ‘Iconic Marine Is at Home but Not at Ease’

His face became an iconic image when the photo above appeared on Nov. 10, 2004, and it was distributed worldwide by the Associated Press. More than 100 newspapers published it, but Blake Miller was not even aware when photographer Luis Sinco, an LA Times photographer took the photo. On Nov. 10, precisely one year after […]

Bush Plans To Nominate Bank Expert, Kathleen L. Casey To SEC Panel

The WaPo is reporting today that Bush will “nominate Kathleen L. Casey, a Senate aide and expert on banking and securities law, to the five-member Securities and Exchange Commission.” The announcement came four days after Cynthia A. Glassman said she did not intend to serve a second term as a commissioner and will leave after […]