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Meeting Famous Authors, Bloggers, and Bob Casey

Tuesday night – primary day in PA – I finally left the polling place where I am minority inspector at about 9:30 pm. Whew, long day, I’m thinking; I’m beat. I debate just going home and calling my numbers into County Dem HQ and think nah, I do want to stop by the party at Joe Sestak‘s campaign HQ. That turned out to be an eventful decision.

John Kerry to Deliver Commencement Address at Kenyon College

Senator John Kerry will deliver the commencement address to the 178th graduating class of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, this Saturday, May 20. Thanks to record student voter participation, Kenyon College was among the last polling places in the nation to close on Election Day 2004. Kenyon will also feature a live webcast of Kerry’s […]

Hayden Insists Warrantless Surveillance is Legal

CIA nominee General Michael Hayden insisted today that the Bush administration’s domestic spying program “was legal and that it was designed to ensnare terrorists — not spy on ordinary people.” Hayden evaded questions, did not answer many and said that the CIA “has become a ‘political football.’” Sidestepping the recent phone database controversy… He said […]

New Italian Prime Minister Calls Iraq Occupation ‘Grave Error’

The Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, distanced distanced Italy from the U.S.- led effort today, calling the invasion and occupation of Iraq, “a “grave error” and said he would propose a withdrawal of Italian troops.” “We consider the war in Iraq and the occupation of the country a grave error,” Prodi told the upper house […]

About Those Phone Databases and the NSA

The NY Times reports today that the focus from the U.S. goverment to obtain data from the country’s largest phone companies, is on long-distance carriers, not local carriers. This garnered from statements by company officials. The statements have come in the week since USA Today reported that the National Security Agency had collected local and […]

Lance Armstrong Takes Cancer Fight to the Hill, Criticizes Bush

It was Livestrong Day in the nation’s capital on Wednesday and Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation “brought in two people from each state — most of them cancer survivors or caregivers — to lobby their congressional representatives for more cancer research funds, with the eventual goal of curing cancer.” Armstrong didn’t miss the chance […]