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Big Oil Targeting Al Gore

ThinkProgress reports today that BIG OIL is targeting Al Gore in an ad campaign to be “aired in more than a dozen cities across the country, is being released just a week before the May 24th opening (in LA and NYC) of Al Gore’s new movie on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth.” The ad campaign […]

House Democrats Target GOP Voters with Radio Ads

House Democrats will be trying to “capitalize on conservative dissatisfaction with Republicans,” and reaching out to “Christian voters with radio advertisements critical of Republican proposals to overhaul Social Security.” In a campaign tied to appearances by President Bush on behalf of House candidates later this week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has bought time on […]

Judge Rebuffs AT&T Bid to Regain Records in Domestic Spy Suit

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker rejected a bid by AT&T Inc. today to “return the records that were given to the privacy advocate Electronic Frontier Foundation by a former AT&T technician.” Secret documents that allegedly detail the surveillance of AT&T phone lines under the Bush administration’s domestic spying program can be used in a lawsuit […]

John Kerry: The Real Record on Tax Cuts

With confidence in the GOP at a new low, today President Bush signed H.R. 4297, the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005, into law – a tax package that will cost $70 billion over the next five years. This law does nothing to address the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) crisis beyond 2006. The […]

John Kerry on The Stephanie Miller Show

John Kerry was on the Stephanie Miller show today. You can listen to the interview here. (hat tip to Zulchzulu of DU and KerrySupport.com) It was a great interview!

CBS’ Meyer: Forget November, Forget ’08; President Is Done

CBSNews.com’s Dick Meyer writes a commentary today, that says, “”Bush is now a lame duck.” His goose is cooked, as we like to say here at the Dem Daily. “Public support for this president has evaporated to historic lows,” says Myers. The great impulse of the punditocracy right now is to look at President Bush’s […]

3,501 Targets of FBI Secret Probes in the U.S. Under Patriot Act Provision, and Hatch Does Doublespeak

The Blotter, ABC News’ Blog reports that “the Department of Justice says it secretly sought phone records and other documents of 3,501 people last year under a provision of the Patriot Act that does not require judicial oversight.” The records were obtained with the use of what are known as National Security Letters, which can […]

A New Low for the GOP as the Dems Gain

Well it’s no small secret to Democrats that the GOP has been plumments to new depths of low for some time now. It looks as the polls are finally catching up with them and what goes around comes around. Public confidence in GOP governance has plunged to the lowest levels of the Bush presidency, with […]