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Senator John Kerry Keynote Speaker at the 2006 NAHP Washington Media Summit

The National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) will hold its annual Media Summit, on May 17-19, 2006 at the National Press Club in the Washington, D.C. John Kerry will speak during the “Meet the Hispanic Press” luncheon on Wednesday the17th. He is expected to deliver remarks that focus on health care policy and its implications […]

Senate Passes Bingaman-Feinstein Amendment to Limit Guest Worker Program

More immigration reform news from the Senate… The Senate today passed an amendment by Senators Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to limit the H-2C guest worker visa program included in the immigration bill now on the Senate floor from 325,000 to 200,000. It would also eliminate the annual escalator for the visa program. […]

The NSA Round Up: Is the NSA Listening to You?

As KJ reported earlier, “Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter and conservative members of his panel have reached agreement on legislation that may determine the legality of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance program.” Specter’s deal comes in the wake of the FCC commissioner calling for “an investigation into whether the nation’s phone companies broke […]

Kerry Amendment Passes Senate, Will Add Border Patrol Agents

The Senate has taken up votes today on immigration reform, following Bush’s primetime address last night that seemingly did not win over the conservative base, as hoped by the Bush administration. Conservative critics still continue to decry the plans as “amnesty.” Earlier in the day, the Senate knocked down by a 55 to 40 vote, […]

Kerry Requests GAO Study of Minority Advertising Contracts

In an effort to ensure minority firms are getting their fair share of federal advertising contracts, today Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), top Democrat on the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, requested a study to determine if the federal government is aggressively pursuing a policy to expand minority advertising contracting opportunities. “For nearly six years […]

New England Hit by Worst Floods in 70 Years

For 33 years I lived never more than a mile or so from the banks of Merrimack river in Massachusetts. I’ve watched the news about the flooding in New England astounded by high waters and photos of areas that I know so well. For the past 16 years I have lived in Los Angeles, but […]

Should Kerry Run Again?

RJ Eskow makes a case for whether John Kerry should run again in the Huffington Post. Here at The Democratic Daily, I would venture to say the answer is a resounding, YES! Nice piece from RJ… check it out.

John Kerry to Grads: Get Off Your Rear Ends

The Boston Herald has brief note about John Kerry’s commencement speech at Emerson College yesterday… Sen. John F. Kerry sent Emerson College’s class of 2006 into the world yesterday with the admonition that “truth matters.” “In every generation it’s been young people who’ve been the voice of the country,” said Kerry (D-Mass.). “We need you […]