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The New Kerry: He’s Learned A Lot

On the heals of yet another great speech today from John Kerry about “dissent” and “patriotism,” Ari Berman writes in today’s The Nation about “The New Kerry.” Berman notes that during his speech at Faneuil Hall last month, “on the thirty-fifth anniversary of his stirring testimony before Congress as a representative of Vietnam Veterans Against […]

John Kerry: GOP Proposal Strips State Mandates on Affordable Health Care

John Kerry is out for the jugular today, “When is Enough is Enough” he said this morning in a diary on DKos, and in an OP/ED in Knight Ridder News, Kerry says today that the GOP health care proposal “strips state mandates on affordable health care”… GOP proposal strips state mandates on affordable health care […]

John Kerry at American University: “Real Patriotism”

John Kerry spoke at American University this afternoon about General Hayden’s CIA nomination, the news about the NSA having a massive database of Americans’ phone calls, the meaning of patriotism and dissent at a time of war and the assault on free speech in America today. Below are Kerry’s remarks as prepared for delivery: Senator […]

John Kerry on DKos: When Is Enough Really Enough?

John Kerry is issuing a serious slap down today on the latest news on the domestic spying, the NSA and General Hayden’s nomination to the CIA (see earlier post). In advance of his speech today at American University (text to follow this post) Kerry just posted a diary on DKos, here’s a few quips… When […]

Bush Defends Spying After NSA Database Report

Following the report that the NSA is building a database of every phone call made within the country, Bush defended the news report and told American’s from the White House that “all anti-terrorism efforts are within the law.” Facing new concerns in Congress, President Bush referred to the report but did not confirm or deny […]

John Kerry to Let it Rip Today on Hayden Nomination and NSA in Speech at American University

In my early morning news thread below I posted two stories breaking about the NSA and the domestic spying — “Security issue kills domestic spying inquiry” and “NSA has massive database of Americans’ phone calls.” With this news today, John Kerry will be hitting hard on the nomination of General Hayden to head the CIA, […]

Early Morning News

Two stories in the early morning news today regarding the NSA and domestic spying… AP News reports: Security issue kills domestic spying inquiry The government has abruptly ended an inquiry into the warrantless eavesdropping program because the National Security Agency refused to grant Justice Department lawyers the necessary security clearance to probe the matter. The […]