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John Kerry Speaks Out After Discovery of Swastikas in MA Town

John Kerry spoke out Monday about a recent hate crime incident in Pittsfield, MA in which swastikas were found scrawled around Pittsfield property, including a Jewish elementary school and the law offices of Jewish attorneys. “These aren’t just acts of vandalism,” wrote Kerry in a statement, “they are acts of hate. There is no place […]

On Livestream Radio Tonight: Pamela of The Democratic Daily on LVRocks

UPDATE: Kicking to the top – On soon… Dear Readers, Indulge me in a shameless plug moment: I’ll be doing a live interview tonight on the SUBJECT2DISCUSSION radio program that livestreams via www.LVRocks.com. Shaun Daily is the host of the show, we’ll be talking about… politics — Bush, the Democrats in the mid-terms, political news […]

John Kerry: Health Insurance for Every Child in America

It’s “Health Week” in the Senate as I have noted a few times here in the past two days. While Republican’s are pushing for things in the Senate that undermine American families, some Democrats in the Senate like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are pushing plans that help American families… Health insurance for every child […]

John Kerry on the Republican Tax Plan: It’s a “Raw Deal for Our Children”

John Kerry released the following statement today on Republican Tax Plan, which coupled with the fiscal ’07 budget plan could put another bump in the debt ceiling. “This tax deal is a raw deal for our children, our future and 99 percent of American families. “The Alternative Minimum Tax will hit 23 million hardworking families […]

John Kerry to Speak at American University

On Thursday, May 11, John Kerry will speak at American University in Washington, D.C. Senator Kerry’s remarks are part of a national series of speeches he is giving on college campuses across the country. The speech will take place at 1:00 p.m. at American University’s Kay Spiritual Life Center. The text of John Kerry’s speech […]

Bill O’Reilly for Kerry ’08?

John Kerry received a thumbs up for a second presidential run in ’08 from a very unlikely pundit today – Fox News’ own Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly for Kerry ’08? Will wonders never cease… well, let’s put aside the partisan snark for a moment, I doubt we’ll catch Bill O’Reilly on the campaign trail, if Kerry […]

Democratic Senators Renew Debate on Court Nominee Kavanaugh

Senate Democrats today are making the case that Brett M. Kavanaugh is “too much a conservative activist to deserve a federal appellate judgeship.” In the process, they may experience some unsettling flashbacks to the Supreme Court confirmation of John G. Roberts Jr. — a big success for President Bush and Senate Republicans. Like Roberts, Kavanaugh, […]

The Digital Lynch Mob

Speaking of the blogosphere, columnist Richard Cohen of the WaPo, notes today that he’s been attacked by the “Digital Lynch Mob.” And, I dare say the “Digital Lynch Mob” is having a heyday with his column from all sides of blogosphere, left and right. Mahablog has more here and Skippy shares his thoughts here. Digby […]