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Da Vinci Code Madness

Is there some truth to the bestseller The Da Vinci Code and the soon to be released film version, that is causing the latest wave of outcry from the Catholic church? One cardinal is calling for a boycott of the film and another is urging legal action… In the latest Vatican broadside against “The Da […]

Clinton’s Best Moments in Office

George Bush’s best moment in office was catching a fish. Bill Clinton had more important items to discuss: JIM LEHRER: As we sit here right now, Mr. President, is this the best moment of your presidency? PRESIDENT CLINTON: Oh, no, I won’t say that. I don’t know. So many things have happened here at home […]

Agreement with Bush Day

This is a big day for finding areas where I disagree with George Bush. I already expressed agreement with his advice to sign up for the Medicare Part D plan before the deadline (despite several problems in the plan he pushed). Now I find an interview with a German newspaper where I agree with him: […]

Kerry Urges Students to “Speak Out” Against Iraq War and “Demand Leadership”

A number of news sources are reporting on John Kerry’s speech yesterday at Grinnell College in Iowa. The resounding message of Kerry’s speech, as I noted here last night, is that students, American’s need to “speak out” and “demand leadership.” The Des Moines Register reports that Kerry visited the “Iowa college town Saturday as part […]

Medicare D: The Deadline Approaches

George Bush gave his weekly radio address this week on the Medicare drug program, encouraging people to sign up. This may be the only time ever, but I am posting to advise following Bush’s advice this week. The Medicare prescription drug program has many faults which we have discussed here in the past. The plan […]

“This Administration May Be Over”

A prominent GOP pollster Lance Tarrance, the chief architect of the GOP’s ’60s and ’70s Southern strategy, told a group of journalists and political wonks last week that “This administration may be over.” “By and large, if you want to be tough about it, the relevancy of this administration on policy may be over.” A […]

Kos and Hillary, Part 2

There was a bit of confussion in some of the responses to my post commenting on Kos’s article at the Washington Post on Hillary Clinton. Some thought this was a post in support of Hillary. I have posted on my opposition to her many times here, and note that the last post started with, “I […]

What Can We Do About Iraq and Iran? Speak Out!

Bob Burnett poses this question on the Huffington Post, “What Can We Do About Iraq and Iran?” He goes on to suggest that a nationwide boycott or strike might be a plan. I’m not sure whether or not that could be effective, but I do agree with Burnett on this: “In these perilous times, it’s […]