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Coming Soon: Reign Man

As Ron pointed out below, Democrats are preparing to take control of the House. Perhaps then we can end the Monarchy.

Feeling a Pinch at the Pump? Democrats Call for Gas Price-Gouging to be Federal Crime

Are the gas prices piching your pocketbooks and your nerves? A new AP-Ipsos poll today shows that “high pump prices are pinching the pocketbooks of seven in 10 Americans, a financial hardship that more middle- and higher-income drivers say they are beginning to feel.” With gasoline prices topping $3 a gallon for regular unleaded in […]

John Kerry Speaks to Students at Grinnell: Defends Right to Dissent, Discusses Iraq Plan, Helps Mobilize Students For Real American Agenda

Today, John Kerry spoke to students at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa on Iraq and the right to dissent (see earlier post and OP/ED here). His speech, similar to the one he delivered at Boston’s Faneuil Hall recently, implores to the students of Grinnell to “speak out” and “to get off our rear ends – […]

John Kerry Vows to Push SBA on Katrina

John Kerry was in New Orleans yesterday, he joined Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.) on a “Back to Business” tour of New Orleans East, an area with significant damage from Hurricane Katrina (see earlier post here). Kerry talks with business owner Marianne Lewis and author Doug Brinkley (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports… Small-business […]

John Kerry: The Moment of Truth In Iraq

John Kerry speaking at Grinnell College in Iowa today The subject of his speech will be “his thoughts on Vietnam, and how his experience there changed his priorities in life.” We will have the text of the speech as soon as it is available. The Des Moines Register published the following OP/ED by John Kerry […]

Alternative Energy: Congressional Windbags