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Is Cheney Pushing Us into a New Cold War?

On Friday, the Russian media described Dick Cheney’s harsh criticism of Russia and President Vladimir Putin as the beginning of a new Cold War. It’s interesting that this story has received little play on the very day that Porter Goss resigned. As the Bush administration unravels the CIA, “an agency that helped win the Cold […]

Michael Hayden : The Next Head of the CIA?

Time Magazine has an exclusive: “Air Force General Michael Hayden is likely to be named Porter Goss’s successor. Then the partisan fireworks will really begin.” President George W. Bush stunned Washington on Friday by accepting the resignation of CIA Director Porter J. Goss, and Republican sources told TIME that the White House plans to name […]

More to Goss’ Resignation than Meets the Eye

Is there more to Porter Goss’ unexpected resignation than meets the eye? There’s plenty of specualtion out there in the blogosphere and has been for days that Goss is caught up in the HookerGate scandal. ThinkProgress post a primer on Goss’ possible involvement earlier today and TalkingPointsMemo has more here. White House officials say that […]

John Kerry Tours New Orleans Businesses Devastated by Katrina

Today Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) joined Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.) on a “Back to Business” tour of New Orleans East, an area with significant damage from Hurricane Katrina. After the tour, Landrieu and Kerry hosted a Small Business Roundtable with business owners, community leaders, representatives from the state and local departments of economic development, Chambers […]

Republicans Fear an Election Day Massacre

It seems as though everyone has a bone to pick with Bush and the GOP these days. Conservatives are angry with Bush and as well as the GOP-led Congress and their approval ratings have reached another new low. An AP Ipsos says this is underscoring why Republican’s fear an election day massacre. Six months out, […]

Rep. Patrick Kennedy to Enter Drug Rehab

Rep. Patrick Kennedy announced today that he is entering treatment for addiction to prescription pain medication. His decision comes after a highly publicized car crash near the Capitol early Thursday morning, that Kennedy said he cannot recall. Kennedy, D-R.I., said he would seek immediate treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He announced his […]

Breaking News: Porter Goss Resigns

CIA Director Porter Goss has resigned… Bush called Goss’ tenure one of transition. “He has led ably,” Bush said from the Oval Office. “He has a five-year plan to increase the analysts and operatives.” Bush said that Goss, a former member of Congress, has “helped make this country a safer place.” “We’ve got to win […]