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Good Dogs, Bad Dogs, Lapdogs: How the Media Delivered the Election to Bush by Aiding and Abetting the “Swifities”

There’s good dogs and there’s bad dogs, big dogs and small dogs. Small dogs are commonly referred to as Lapdogs, they are usually cute and furry and cuddly. But now we have a new breed of Lapdogs… the kind that roll over for Bush and his cabal. They are not cute and furry, and by […]

Rumsfeld Nailed For Lying

Today, during a speech in Atlanta, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was heckled and verbally nailed to the wall for his pre-war claims about WMD’s in Iraq. One audience member asked Rumsfeld during a question and answer session, “Why did you lie to get us into a war that caused these kind of casualties and was […]

Tom Hayden Sets the Record Straight on Kerry’s Iraq Plan

Tom Hayden sets the record straight on recent distortions of John Kerry’s Iraq plan in the Huffington Post. Hayden issues a virtual smack down of columnist George packer, who Hayden says, “fixes the facts to suit the policy he favors.” In this case, he cleverly alters Kerry’s proposal by leaving out the international summit Kerry […]

Sen. Kerry & Rep. Hinchey Introduce Measure to Repeal More Than $28 Billion in Wasteful Tax Breaks & Subsidies For Oil Companies

With oil companies experiencing huge, record-breaking profits at the expense of Americans who are facing historic ever rising prices at the pump, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) have introduced legislation that would repeal at least $28 billion in tax breaks and subsidies for the country’s oil and gas companies. This sounds […]

Valerie Plame Seeks Book Deal

The Ny Times reports today that Valerie Plame is shopping a book deal. If I am not mistaken, I mention of this recently on Progressive Talk Radio… Valerie Plame Wilson, the Central Intelligence Agency covert officer whose name was publicly disclosed three years ago, is shopping a book proposal among a small group of publishers, […]

Lessons of Kent State Still Important 36 Years Later

Today marks the 36 year anniversary of the incident at Kent State, that is seared in the memories of so many across our country. It’s implications are strong still today, because as we enter into our third year in an unjust war, we see an administration today, that treats dissenters not unlike they were treated […]

Kennedy and Democrats Push for Stem Cell Vote in Senate

Ted Kennedy and fellow Senate Democrats are pushing today to jump-start the long overdue debate on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (H.R. 810) in the Senate. Last year when the bill passed in the House, Bush threatened to veto it. The legislation is designed to expand federal funding for stem cell research. It passed […]

John Kerry To Speak At Grinnell College in Iowa

Senator John Kerry will speak at Grinnell College, in Iowa on Saturday. Kerry said he plans to talk about the war in Iraq and what he calls the attack on dissenters at home.