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Bush Not Amused as Colbert Lampoons Him at the White House Correspondents Dinner (Includes Transcript)

E&P reports that Bush was not amused as Comedy Central’s faux talk show host Stephen Colbert, ripped him in a “blistering comedy ‘tribute’” at the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight. How unamused was Bush? E&P’s reports Colbert’s “tribute” left “George and Laura Bush unsmiling at its close.” Ooh, talk about your just desserts… Colbert, who […]

Thousands Protest War in NYC

Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of lower Manhattan today, demanding an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. The march came just hours after April’s death toll reached 70, marking the highest death toll in Iraq in 5 months. Organizers said the march was also meant to oppose any military action […]

Exclusive: Scott Ritter Talks Tough with High School Students About Iraq, Iran and the Future of Their Country

One of the greatest catalysts for me to get involved with politics after years of political apathy, was my teenager. Her future lies in delicate balance as our country and the future of our children, continues to be sold out by the Bush administration and their supporters. Thursday morning I had the opportunity to join […]

GOP Loves Big Oil

It’s time for rural red America and conservatives mad about the rising price of gas, to wake up to the fact that the GOP, who they support, loves Big Oil. And, if they are mad about rising gas prices, they will need to look beyond the GOP for the answers and the fix. As long […]

Big Brother Is Watching

AP News confirmed last night that Big Brother is watching… The FBI secretly sought information last year on 3,501 U.S. citizens and legal residents from their banks and credit card, telephone and Internet companies without a court’s approval, the Justice Department said Friday. It was the first time the Bush administration has publicly disclosed how […]