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Reefer Madness: US Government’s Policy on Medical Marijuana

I always find it amusing when conservative blogs get excited by a victory for conservative politicians in Europe, seeing this as a win for their team. What they fail to realilze is that conservatives in much of Europe are far closer to our Democratic Party, while Republicans would be seen as an extremist fringe party. […]

Pope Considering Limited Approval of Condoms

The Economist reports on a possible change in policy at the Vatican: THEOLOGIANS used to ponder how many angels might fit onto the head of a pin. Now experts in the Vatican are to consider something more practical, though perhaps just as difficult for non-Catholics to understand. The head of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for […]

Buchanan: Impeach Bush If He Goes To War Against Iran

Pat Buchanan, who differs from most conservatives in opposing the Iraq war, says that Congress should threaten Bush with impeachment if he tries to go to war against Iran: In all this hawk talk, something is missing. We are not told how many innocent Iranians we will have to kill as we go about smashing […]

Limbaugh Arrested

Those conservative “moral values” are apparent again. From AP: Rush Limbaugh was arrested Friday on prescription drug charges, law enforcement officials said. Limbaugh turned himself in to authorities on a warrant issued by the state attorney’s office, said agency spokeswoman Teri Barbera. The conservative radio commentator came into the jail at about 4 p.m. with […]

Exclusive: Scott Ritter on John Kerry’s Iraq Plan

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Ritter, who has been an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq since before it started. Ritter is in Los Angeles to promote his book, Iraq Confidential. He came to my daughter’s high school to speak to students about the war in Iraq and getting involved […]

John Kerry Defending Veterans

While this headline could apply to Iraq vets, today I’m referring to John Kerry’s testimony on Vietnam vets. On April 22, 1971 John Kerry testified before Congress. Last week this was discussed in terms of dissent and opposition to an unjust war. That is one part of the testimony. Right wingers claim that Kerry was […]

Senator Ted Kennedy on the Genocide in Darfur

Today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy released the following statement on the genocide in Darfur. Over the next few days, communities across the country will rally to bring greater awareness to the genocide taking place in Darfur. Four hundred thousand men, women, and children have already died in the tragic killings and over two million have […]

Save Darfur: Members of Congress Arrested at Darfur Protest

Earlier I posted about Oscar winner George Clooney working with members of the Senate yesterday, to appeal for “greater action to address what is being described as genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region.” Today, fFive members of Congress stood strong on their principles and were willingly arrested at a protest outside of the Sudanese Embassy. They […]