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Hillary or McCain

Ron posted earlier about Hillary’s Approval Ratings. Here’s OP/ED cartoonist Tom Toles’ view of the choices for ’08: Personally, neither of the choices on the top of my list.

Members of House of Reps Sue Bush For Signing Law That Never Passed House

BradBlog has the scoop… “Schoolhouse Rock has taught generations of Americans how a bill becomes a law,” says Rep. ” said Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the U.S. House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee in a press release just issued by 11 U.S. Congressmen. “As most school children can attest,” Stark […]

Kerry to Frist: Let’s Help Consumers and Invest in Real Energy Solutions

Today, responding to the rising gas prices and the republican quick fix offered today which includes drilling in ANWR and “$100 rebate checks” for some taxpayers, John Kerry sent a letter to Senate Major Leader Bill Frist, telling him, “Let’s help consumers and invest in real energy solutions.” John Kerry has introduced legislation to repeal […]

Did the Dukester Get Prostitutes as a Perk?

The WSJ reports today that “Federal prosecutors are investigating whether two contractors implicated in the bribery of former Rep. Randall “Duke” Cunningham supplied him with prostitutes and free use of a limousine and hotel suites, pursuing evidence that could broaden their long-running inquiry.” Investigators are also looking into “whether any other members of Congress, or […]

Feinstein Introduces Legislation to Require White House to Notify Congress When Intelligence is Declassified

Yesterday, citing recent reports about the White House’s use of selective declassification of intelligence for political ends, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation requiring Bush to notify Congress when intelligence is declassified. The bill, introduced by Feinstein would help enhance Congressional oversight when intelligence is declassified and ensure that intelligence is not used for political gain. […]

Criticism Follows Rumsfeld, Rice Visit to Iraq

The L.A. Times reports today that Condi and Rummy’s surprise visit to Iraq “to express support for Iraq’s new leaders,” drew criticism from Iraqi politicians” who fear “the unannounced visit might do more harm than good.” In other news from Iraq, AP News reports, “a sister of Iraq’s new Sunni Arab vice president was killed […]

NBC/WSJ Poll: American’s Pessimistic, Uneasy About Economy

Blame the rising gas prices, the higher interest rates and a larger federal deficit — a new NBC/WSJ poll shows that American’s are pessimistic and uneasy about the economy. “You have never seen such a sour mood in the country,” says Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted this survey with Republican Bill McInturff. “It […]

Quote of the Day

“Looking to George Allen and George Bush to solve the gas crisis is like asking Bonnie and Clyde to solve the crime problem,” Harris Miller said (Democratic candidate for Senate, VA).