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Bush On The Wrong Side of Immigration

Bush is on the wrong side of the immigration, when it comes to the conservatives in the Republican Party. The WaPo is reporting that “privately, Bush says he favors citizenship.” President Bush generally favors plans to give millions of illegal immigrants a chance at U.S. citizenship without leaving the country, but does not want to […]

Neil Young’s “Let’s Impeach the President”

Fox News has an exclusive (uh huh, Fox News) on Neil Young’s new CD “Living with War,” and the cut off the CD that will no doubt be creating a stir. Fox says, “Young has been clever enough to write the catchiest protest song since Country Joe and the Fish’s anti-Vietnam ditty, ‘I Feel Like […]

Percentage of Americans Without Health Insurance Rising

The MSM is catching on to more of the facts about moderate to middle income America. Althoug the Bush administration would like us to believe that the economy is getting stronger, low to middle American’s are finding themselves going with out, more and more everyday. With the rising gas prices and no quick fix in […]

Condi and Rummy Make Surprise Visit to Iraq

Condi and Rummy made a surprise visit to Iraq today, no doubt an attempt to bolster the decider-in-chief’s approval ratings and quell the cries for Rumsfeld to resign. It is highly unusual for the two most senior Cabinet officers to make a joint visit to a country. President Bush — whose approval ratings have sunk […]