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With Gas Prices Soaring, Senators Feinstein, Snowe, Levin, and Cantwell Seek to Shine Light on Energy Markets

With gas prices nearing or topping $3 a gallon nationwide, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Olympia Snow (R-ME), Carl Levin (D-MI), and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) introduced bipartisan legislation that would increase transparency and accountability in the energy markets. (See my earlier posts on gas prices here and here) This legislation would ensure that the federal government […]

Kennedy Joins Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno to Promote Math and Science

Tomorrow, Senator Edward M. Kennedy will join Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno and 100 middle school students to demonstrate the importance of math and science education. Senator Kennedy’s American Competitiveness plan will move the country forward and restore America’s advantage in the workforce, education, health care and research.

John Kerry on the Ed Schultz Show

John Keryr made the rounds today on the radio shows, NPR’s Talk of the Nation (see post here) and then the Ed Schultz Show. Ed was on a rampage, ranting about Bush’s speech today on energy prices, before Kerry came on the show. In his introduction, Ed Schultz called Kerry’s speech Saturday in Boston, “nothing […]

White House Vows Veto of Spending Bill

Go figure… Bush doesn’t want to pay for his war in Iraq… The White House promises to veto a huge Senate bill to pay for the rising costs of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and to repair Hurricane Katrina damage unless the cost to taxpayers is scaled back to President Bush’s original requests. The […]

NPR: John Kerry on Dissent During a Time of War

John Kerry was on NPR’s Talk of the Nation earlier today in an interview following up on his “Dissent” speech in Boston on Saturday. Thirty-five years ago, a young Navy officer and Vietnam veteran named John Kerry stood before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and called for an end to the war in Vietnam. Speaking […]

Tony Snow to Be Named White House Press Secretary

Fox News reports that Tony Snow will be named new White House press secretary on Wednesday morning. Snow is expected to be at the White House for the announcement. He has been mulling the offer for the last several days. Long before the announcement, oddsmakers were banking on Snow, host of FOX News Talk’s “The […]

Bush Admin on Port Security, Better Late Than Never but Dem’s Say, Still Coming Up Short

The Bush administration announced today that it will “conduct background checks on an estimated 400,000 port workers to ensure they do not pose a terrorist threat.” This latest, better late than never move, is in answer to criticism about security gaps at U.S. ports. Names of employees who work in the most sensitive areas of […]

Hector Barreto Resign’s from SBA, John Kerry says “It’s Time For a Change”

Hector Barreto, the “Brownie” of the SBA has resigned today. Barreto, picked by Bush to head the SBA in 2001, said he was “leaving the administration to head The Latino Coalition, a prominent Hispanic advocacy group based in Washington.” The following is John Kerry’s reaction on today’s resignation of Small Business Administration Chief Hector Barreto: […]