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About Those Bunker Busters

The Union of Concerned Scientists has an animation video about those pesky bunker busters that the Bush administration is considering using in Iran. Watch it here: On that note, the news issue of Newsweek reports “Some neocon activists have urged a sharp increase in U.S. efforts to undermine Tehran and thwart its nuclear ambitions.” And, […]

Manic Monday’s Gas Price Mania

Worried about soaring gas prices? Have no fear — Bush has ordered a probe into gas prices. That’s right the addict-in-chief is concerned that his pals the oil barrons could be PRICE GOUGING, so he’s going to give another phony pep talk tomorrow about how the problem “cannot be solved overnight.” Scottie “the puppet” McClellan […]

Rumsfeld Sued Over Pentagon’s Recruiting Database

Let me just start this off by reiterating the call to FIRE Rumsfeld! Reuters reports that “Six New York teen-agers filed a law suit against Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld today, alleging that “the U.S. Department of Defense broke the law by keeping an extensive database on potential recruits.” The suit in federal court in Manhattan […]

John Kerry Addresses U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America

On Thursday, April 20, Senator John Kerry delivered remarks at the U.N.’s Latin Economic Forum’s second annual summit on competitiveness and poverty reduction in Latin America at the United Nations. Below are remarks as prepared for delivery: During my campaign for the presidency in 2004, by necessity I spoke frequently about Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle […]

Yet Another New Low for Bush

George Bush’s approval is down to 32% in the latest poll for CNN, marking his lowest approval yet in any poll. In other recent polls, Fox News had him at 33%, Pew Center at 35%, and American Research Group at 34%. In the poll, the number who think Bush is “honest and trustworthy” is down […]

Wall Street Favors Democrats

Bloomberg reports that “Democrats outdid Republicans last year in attracting political donations from investment banks, brokerages and fund managers for the first time since 1994, helped by support from hedge funds and companies such as Merrill Lynch & Co.” This is a sign that Wall Street wants change: “Wall Street wants change” on issues such […]

Jagger to Bush: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

It appears that Bush will have to settle for lesser accomodations when he visit’s Vienna, Austria in June. Mick Jagger beat Bush to the punch in reserving the luxury Royal Suite at the five-star Imperial Hotel in Vienna, and Jagger has refused to give it up for Bush. PRESIDENT George Bush can’t get no satisfaction […]

National Review Considers Clinton Worse Than Logan

Conservatives just can’t get over Clinton bashing. National Review comments on my recent comparison of President Logan on 24 and George Bush: This has sent the left-wing blogosphere into joyous fits. Conservative network Fox is running a series that portrays the president as the bad guy! One blogger tried to equate Logan’s complicity in the […]