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Quote of the Day

“There stretch ahead for Bush a thousand days of his own. He might use them to start the third Bush war: the Afghan war (justified), the Iraq war (based on fantasy, deception and self-deception), the Iran war (also fantasy, deception and self-deception). There is no more dangerous thing for a democracy than a foreign policy […]

Truth and Double Standards

Right-wing blogger Captain Ed at Captain’s Quarters gives a “tortured explanation” of how he thinks that John Kerry’s statements today on This Week are supportive of Mary McCarthy, who was “fired from the CIA for allegedly telling the truth.” Captain Ed misses the point that Kerry is making… “… that you have somebody being fired […]

Will Pitt: Deadlines and Dissent

More impressions of John Kerry’s “Dissent” speech, come by way of Will Pitt of TruthOut.org, who was at the speech yesterday. Here’s a few of quips… The plaque on the side of the old brick building read, “This is Fanueil Hall, the cradle of liberty, built and given to the town of Boston by Peter […]

Wilkerson Worries About Transformation Into a Radical Republic

Lawrence Wilkerson wonder asks, “Is U.S. being transformed into a radical republic?” Here is the beginning of an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun from Colin Powell’s former chief of staff: We Americans came not from a revolution but from an evolution. That is in large part why our so-called revolution produced success while most throughout […]

Kerry Takes Same Stance on Different War

The Boston Globe reports on John Kerry’s speech at Faneuil Hall in Boston yesterday. Incase you missed the earlier C-Span broadcast, they will be re-airing it at 5:03 pm, est. Kerry takes same stance on different war Speaks against Iraq conflict By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff | April 23, 2006 Before a wildly enthusiastic crowd […]

RNC Now Campaigning For Kerry (Unintentionally)

The Republican National Committee has released their response to John Kerry’s appearance on This Week. Their spin is off, such as calling these “retreat and defeat” statements and mischaracterizing one statement by misleadingly claiming “Sen. Kerry Has Even Accused US Soldiers Of “Terrorizing Kids” In Iraq.” Put aside the spin and their response is good […]

John Kerry on “This Week”

John Kerry was on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous this morning, discussing a wide scope of topics including his speech at Boston’s Faneuil Hall yesterday, Iraq, the new audiotape that has surfaced from Osama bin Laden, Donald Rumsfeld, his views on changing the primary schedule and more… The following is the transcript of the […]

Kennedy on Meet The Press: Would Back Kerry Again in ’08

Senator Ted Kennedy was on Meet The Press this morning. In the interview Kennedy said, once again, that “if fellow Massachusetts Democrat John Kerry makes another bid for the presidency in 2008, he would again back him.” A netcast of Meet The Press is available here. “If he (Kerry) runs, I’m supporting him,” Kennedy, the […]