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Sunday TV Alert: John Kerry on This Week and “Dissent” Speech on C-Span

John Kerry’s “Dissent” speech, delivered today at Faneuil Hall in Boston, will air Sunday at 10:02 am and 4:49 pm, est on C-Span (check local listings). This Week with George Stephanopoulos will feature a Sunday Exclusive with John Kerry.

In The News: Gas Prices, Condi Leak and Young Officers Dissent

In the news today… Gas Prices = OUCH, as Congressional leaders ask for an investigation and prices continue to soar around the country! Congressional leaders yesterday planned to ask President Bush to order investigations into possible price gouging by oil companies as crude oil prices hit new highs on world markets and average gasoline prices […]

Kerry Speaks the Truth to Power – Dissent Is Patriotic

John Kerry spoke the truth to power today in an awe-inspiring speech at Faneuil Hall in Boston. The text of the speech is available here. Below are a couple photos from the speech, we’ll add more when available…

John Kerry’s Speech at Boston’s Faneuil Hall: “A Right and Responsibility to Speak Out”

In a very short time, today, on 35th anniversary of John Kerry’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee testimony, John Kerry wlll deliver a speech in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall about patriotism and dissent at a time of war and the assault on free speech in America today. Below are Kerry’s remarks as prepared for delivery: Senator […]