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For John Kerry, History Repeats Itself: “Patriotism is Truth, Today As In Vietnam”

April 22 is a day that has historical significance in the life of John Kerry. On April 22, 1970 he was instrumental in the first Earth Day in Massachusetts. One year later on April 22, 1971, John Kerry testified before the Senate Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Fulbright Commission on the Vietnam War, it was day […]

35 Years and What Have We Learned?

I am writing this as I ride a train from Philadelphia to Boston, on my way to witness what, to me, is a momentous anniversary in our national history, even if it will be barely noticed in our national media, let alone by the circus-captivated American public. 35 years ago this Saturday, April 22nd, a […]

John Kerry Defends NH Primary

The NH Union Leader reports that John Kerry “yesterday firmly opposed the national Democratic Party’s plan to dilute the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary’s traditional strong impact on Presidential politics.” The Democratic National Committee should place no nominating caucuses between Iowa’s leadoff caucus and the primary in 2008, Kerry told the New Hampshire Union Leader. He […]

Ted Kennedy Brings Posse to ‘Daily Show’

Ted Kennedy was on the Daily Show last night. Jon Stewart said of Kennedy’s appearance, that “Kennedy has something in common with Snoop Dogg as a late-night comedy show guest: they both travel with posses.” I’m not sure that there are many U.S. Senators who don’t travel with a posse these days when making public […]

John Kerry Calls Attacks vs. Outspoken Generals ‘Shameful’

The Boston Herald offers a treaser of sorts about John Kerry’s speech scheduled for Saturday in Boston, and an OP/ED “timed to coincide” with the speech… Kerry calls attacks vs. outspoken generals ‘shameful’ Friday, April 21, 2006 In an op-ed article timed to coincide with a speech tomorrow at Faneuil Hall, Sen. John F. Kerry […]

Kerry Better Than Bush

The Northwest Herald had this LTTE today making the case that Kerry is “better than Bush.” My sentiments exactly… To the Editor: “John Kerry speaks French and things like that, and he was just too darn fancy for us.” I often think of the good folks from Iowa, my home state, whom I met at […]