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A Round of Applause for Valerie Plame

Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson have been through the mill at the hands of the Bush administration. On April 29, stand and cheer for Valerie Plame, as she and husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson attend the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. E&P has confirmed that she is slated to attend this year’s gala, along […]

Rolling Stone Asks: The Worst President in History?

It’s no small surprise that so many of us think of George W. Bush as the worst president in history. The latest issue of Rolling Stone takes a look at this saying “Bush is in serious contention for the title of worst ever.” In early 2004, an informal survey of 415 historians conducted by the […]

Oil Spikes for Third Day in a Row

As I reported yesterday, oil prices are on the rise. It looks like it’s time to ramp up car pooling efforts, take more public transporation, and toss out your plans for a summer vacation… Oil prices leapt above $72 a barrel Wednesday, settling at a record high for the third straight day after a government […]

The World According to Ted Includes Kerry ’08

Scott Lehigh’s Boston Globe column yesterday takes a look at the world according to Ted Kennedy. Kennedy, up for re-election this year, is still going strong after 43 years in the Senate. Lehigh could have left the snark behind in my opinion, but among the notable quotes from the column is this: ”The American people, […]

Zen Rummy

Dana Milbank notes in the WAPo today, Rumsfeld’s new Zen-like stance in defending (or more aptly, not defending) himself against the latest calls for his resignation. In nature, the opossum is known to play dead when threatened. In politics, that trait can now be observed in Donald Rumsfeld. At yesterday’s Pentagon news conference, the volatile […]

More White House Shake-Up: Rove Shifting Positions

Along with the news of White House Press Puppet Scott McClellan’s resignation this morning, comes the news that Karl Rove, the puppetmaster, will give up “his portfolio as senior policy coordinator to concentrate more on politics and November’s midterm Congressional elections.” Mr. Rove has been Mr. Bush’s senior political adviser since his campaign for governor […]

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Scott McClellan Announces Resignation

Scottie McClellan announced today he is resigning. Reports of the resignation scene echoed a Hollywood love story, as Bush and Scottie recited their dramatic lines on the White House South Lawn, just as Bush was boarding a helicopter at a start a trip to Alabama… … McClellan, who has parried especially fiercefully with reporters on […]