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MA Dems Tap Cam Kerry to Help Them Win Governor’s Office

Massachusetts Democrats have tapped Cam Kerry, Senator John Kerry’s brother to help them end their long drought in the governor’s office. The last time a Dem won the governor’s race in MA was in 1986, when Mike Dukakis was elected. Cameron Kerry will co-chair the Massachusetts Victory ’06 Coordinated Campaign with attorney Katherine Clark, a […]

Oil Prices Spike and Senator Dorgan Rips Ex-Exxon CEO’s Retirement Package

Oil prices reached a record high today when they settled above “$71 a barrel.” The price at the pumps in my neighborhood jumped up 5 cents a gallon higher in less than 24 hours. Some think the pain at the pumps is probably just starting… “We will feel real pain at the pump before this […]

Street Battle in Baghdad Smacks of Open Civil War, Kerry Was Right

Ignore the street battle in Baghdad, that Reuters reports today “smacks of open civil war,” because the Bush administration refuses to admit that Iraq has sunken into a civil war and our troops are stuck smack dab in the middle of it. Snipers held rooftop positions as masked Sunni Arab insurgents said they were gearing […]

More Madness: Bush Declines to Exclude Nuclear Strike on Iran

I’m wondering today how safe those soccer moms feel, you know the ones who voted for Bush in ’04? What will they tell their kids, if Bush decides to push the button? As far as I am concerned this is sheer and utter madness… President Bush today refused to rule out a U.S. nuclear strike […]

Me! Me! Me! – Bush: ‘I’m the decider’ on Rumsfeld

The boy king made his case today for Donald Rumsfeld. Like a child stomping his feet, crying “Me! Me! Me!,” George W. Bush said, “I’m the decider, and I decide what is best.” CNN reports… Bush already had interrupted his Easter vacation at Camp David, Maryland, on Friday to release a public statement of support […]

Bush Picks Rob Portman as Budget Director

Bush selected U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman to replace Joshua B. Bolten as the new director of the Office of Management and Budget, today. Portman, subject to Senate confirmation, will replace Joshua B. Bolten, who started his new post as White House chief of staff on Friday afternoon and used his first full day on […]

2008: The Case For John Kerry – Run John, Run!

The Fix makes the case for John Kerry to run in ’08 today. Although Kerry adamantly refuses to to make no announcement until after the ’06 mid-terms, Chris Cillizza points out what makes Kerry viable in ’08. We’ve made that case on the Dem Daily, many times in the past. Kerry has made no secret […]

Times-Picayune, Sun Herald Win Pulitzers for Katrina Coverage

The Pulitzer’s were handed out today and no one can deny, that the coverage of Hurricane Katrina by the staff of the The Times-Picayune of New Orleans, deserved this accolade, as did the The Sun Herald of south Mississippi…