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Republicans Stand to Lose By Following Advice of the Right Blogosphere

Texas Rainmaker has an unrealistic view of public opinion as they believe It’s Republicans’ Game to Lose. They misinterpret three statistics, and leave out key details of the polls. They note that an Ipsos Poll reports that 58% of the people think that the tax system is unjust. Considering that the tax system has been […]

Dick Morris is Mathematically Illiterate, or Intellectually Dishonest

Dick Morris sees Al Gore as the one who can stop Hillary. I do suspect that if Gore enters the race he will win, provided he doesn’t wait too long. While Morris might be right about Gore’s chances, his analysis is a bit off: Gore’s popular-vote success is likely to play well when Democrats contemplate […]

Diving for Easter Eggs

While there are many traditions surrounding Easter, the Easter Egg Hunt is one most enjoyed by children. In the Florida Keys, some adults added a new twist to the tradition!

Reaction to the Post’s Coverage of the Outraged Left Blogosphere

It comes as no surprise that having a blogger featured in a front page story at the Washington Post resulted in a lot of talk in the blogosphere. Liberal bloggers frequently commented, as I did, on the article’s dwelling on the idea of the angry left. Whiskey Bar notes that the dangerous angry people are […]

We Are All Immigrants

Yesterday, several thousand people, many of them students, marched through downtown Los Angeles once again to protest the federal legislation passed in the House (the Sensenbrenner Bill) that would crack down on illegal immigration. Organizers of the march dedicated the event to Anthony Soltero, the Ontario teenager whose mother says he killed himself after a […]

Considering Nuclear Energy

One problem I’ve had with discussions of nuclear energy is that it often seems that both sides already have their biases and then cherry pick the facts that support their argument. Achieving energy independence, and reducing emisions from coal based electric plants, are two important goals for this country. Evaluation of forms of energy, as […]

Happy Easter!

Enjoy! (and turn on your speakers!)

George Will on How Republicans Earned Defeat

Republicans have builit a majority by convincing various groups that they supported their goals, even when different parts of their coalition had contradictory goals. They received the votes of both the religious right, which seeks to use the power of government to impose their views on others, as well as many claiming to be libertarian […]