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Times Realizes This Was a Bad Leak

The New York Times wins the battle of describing the leak. The Washington Post displayed their turn to the right in a recent editorial entitled A Good Leak. They argued that the Bush administration’s declassification of material on Iraq represented a good leak as it made his position clear. Needless to say, this was met […]

Joe Klein vs The Left, Continued

Katrina vanden Heuvel responds to Joe Klein’s description of the Nation as he distinguished between liberals he likes and liberals he doesn’t (labeled the far left): Since when is it anti-American to believe that American foreign policy ought to be consistent with international law, that the use of military force should be limited to legitimate […]

Republican Priorities for 2006

Energy independence–No Port security–No Affordable health hare–No A workable prescription drug plan–No Improving education–No Retraining those whose jobs were out-sourced–No None of these make the list of Republican priorities: Protection of marriage amendment–Yes Anti-flag burning legislation–Yes Increased restrictions on abortion–Yes

Klein Explains Views

Joe Klein has clarified his statement that those in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party “hate America” in a post at Huffington Post. Klein differentiates between those he calls leftists and liberals: The default position of leftists like, say, Michael Moore and many writers at The Nation, is that America is essentially a malignant, […]

Angry Liberal Blogger Covered by Washington Post

Maryscott O’Connor of My Left Wing (and who previously blogged at the old Kerry Blog) is featured in an article at The Washington Post: In the angry life of Maryscott O’Connor, the rage begins as soon as she opens her eyes and realizes that her president is still George W. Bush. The sun has yet […]