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Kerry Rekindles His Anger Over Iraq

The Seattle P.I. has a gem of a columnist in Joel Connelly. His latest column is about John Kerry’s Iraq proposal and it’s a must read… With its typical tendency to demean war critics, the Fox News Channel ran a line on the TV screen as it reported on Sen. John Kerry’s proposal that Iraqi […]

Republican’s Spin Blame on Immigration Reform on Spanish Radio Stations

Here’s another pathetic case of the Republican Noise Machine in action… Ads criticizing Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid for “playing politics” with immigration reform legislation are scheduled to air on Spanish-language radio stations in four Western cities with large Hispanic populations next week. The ad campaign targeting the Nevada Democrat is funded by the Republican […]

Stand By Your Man

Bush sang a few choruses of “Stand By Your Man” today as he announced that he fully supports Rumsfeld “despite calls from retired generals that he step down, and said Mr. Rumsfeld’s leadership is vital for the United States.” “Earlier today I spoke with Don Rumsfeld about ongoing military operations in the global war on […]

How Crazy Is This? DeLay on Short List for OMB Job

Rumor has it, that Tom “the Hammer” DeLay may be on the White House list of potential replacements for Josh Bolten, as head the Office of Management and Budget. Perhaps the Bush administration sees some benefit in Delay’s recent experience. After all with the budget woes under the Bush administration, a little swapping around of […]

White House Still in Denial as Calls for Rumsfeld’s to Resign Increase

I have this vision in my mind, of Bush standing in the oval office with his hands over his ears, as aides recant the calls for Rumsfeld to resign. Like a spoiled child, he’s shaking his head crying, “La, La, La, La — I can’t hear you!” The renewed cries for Rumsfeld to step down […]