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Do You Trust Bush to Make the Right Decision on Iran?

Do you trust this man to make the right decision about whether we should go to war with Iran? An L.A. Times/ Bloomberg Poll shows 54% of respondents said “they did not trust him to “make the right decision about whether we should go to war with Iran.” The results were a “reversal of public […]

Times/Bloomberg Poll: Bush 39% – Kerry 49%

A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll released today shows a glaring sign of voter’s remorse. The poll focused on immigration reform added the final question which “offered perhaps the most dramatic expression of the nation’s discontent with Bush’s second term” Asked whom they would support today in a rerun of the 2004 presidential election, 39% of […]

Durbin Blocking Ambassadorship Nominee Tied to Ethics Inquiry

Senator Dick Durbin is blocking Associate Attorney General Robert McCallum’s nomination by Bush, to be the ambassador to Australia over “allegations he improperly influenced the government’s lawsuit against the tobacco industry.” Any senator may place a hold on an executive branch nominee. A hold on a nomination is an act that can only be overcome […]

Kerry Response to Bush Remarks During National Small Business Week

Today President Bush addressed small business leaders from around the country during National Small Business Week. Following is a statement from Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), Ranking Democrat on the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, responding to Bush’s remarks: “President Bush talks a big game but his pitch doesn’t make it over home plate. This […]

A Time For Nuance, And A Time For Clarity

Republicans attacked John Kerry’s views on Iraq as being nuanced, but in retrospect Kerry had the right approach. Kerry’s position came down to supporting military action as a last resort if we were found to be endangered by WMD, and opposing going to war if this condition was not met. Perhaps it is nuanced, but […]

400 Years Ago Native Americans Missed Their Chance to Prevent Illegal Immigration

In an interesting look at the immigration debate, a Letter to the Editor in today’s Boston Globe points out that 400 years ago Native Americans missed their chance to prevent illegal immigration… I’LL BET the Native Americans are kicking themselves right now. Neither the Pequot nor the Massassoit Indians passed laws when they could have […]