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RNC Distorts Dean’s Pre-War Comments

In follow-up to my recent post on Howard Dean’s call to release the documents on the mobile labs and WMD, the RNC has issued a response. The RNC took several of Dean’s pre-war statements to claim hypocrisy, showing Dean believed there was WND prior to the war. Note that they do the same to Dean […]

The Nation Reports a Good Week for Kerry

I’d give Kerry far more credit than The Nation for his early opposition to going to war, but even if they earlier bought some of the anti-Kerry views on the left, at least they are willing to reconsider. Katrina vanden Heuvel writes: With his op-ed piece in the New York Times on Wednesday; his remarks […]

Can’t He Be Both?

Salon’s War Room reports on a private breakfast with Howard Dean in which Dean discussed his demand that the Bush administration declassify a Pentagon report that reportedly disproves President Bush’s claim that mobile labs found in Iraq were evidence of WMD: “We are going to call for, probably today, the declassification of the report,” Dean […]

Generals Call on Rumsfeld to Resign

The Washington Post reports on retired generals who are calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation. The International Herald Tribune also says, For his failures, Rumsfeld must go. Didn’t John Kerry suggest this long ago?

Klein Expressed Anti-Democratic Views Prior to Book Publication

While there is undoubtably valid criticism to be made of Democratic consultants, and even of some aspects of Kerry 2004 campaign, we’ve noted that Joe Klein’s criticism has been unfair and inaccurate. Media Matters sheds more light on Klein’s current biases. They report: Joe Klein declared at an April 11 event that Democrats will not […]

Library Wins Battle Against Patriot Act Gag Order

Reuters reports on one library which is resisting the Patriot Act: The government has backed down in at least one battle over the Patriot Act by dropping a gag order imposed on a library that refuses to reveal a reader’s borrowing habits. The library, thought to be Connecticut, is resisting an FBI request to produce […]

Sportsmen Against Bush/Cheney

With their support deteriorating, Republicans now risk losing yet another group which supported them and got screwed in exchange–sportsmen. Field & Stream has an editorial on Bush and Cheney placing the energy industry over protecting the nation’s public lands: Rod and gun in hand, and backing the Second Amendment right to own firearms, President George […]

Military Recruiters Driven Off Campus by Students Against War

Military recruiters were driven off campus from a job fair Tuesday morning at UC Santa Cruz. Four military recruiters hastily fled the job fair after a “raucous crowd of student protesters blocked an entrance to the building where the Army and National Guard had set up information tables.” Members of Students Against War, who organized […]