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Military Recruiters Driven Off Campus by Students Against War

Military recruiters were driven off campus from a job fair Tuesday morning at UC Santa Cruz. Four military recruiters hastily fled the job fair after a “raucous crowd of student protesters blocked an entrance to the building where the Army and National Guard had set up information tables.” Members of Students Against War, who organized […]

White House Angrily Denies WaPo Report

The White House has angrily denied a the WaPo report that suggested that Bush in 2003 “declared the existence of biological weapons laboratories in Iraq while knowing it was not true.” White House spokespuppet Scottie McClellan called the account “reckless reporting.” He claimed that Bush “made his statement based on the intelligence assessment of the […]

Immigration Protests Causing GOP Woes

House Republicans are worried that the massive protests against the tough Sensenbrenner anti-illegal-immigration bill passed in late December is causing more damage to the party than good. What they thought would please their political base has turned into a “fast-growing national movement for immigrant rights.” Now, some Republican leaders are beginning to flip-flop on their […]