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John Kerry Talks to High School Students on Immigration Reform in South L.A.

It was a full morning today for John Kerry in Los Angeles, talking about the current immigration reform debate that has spurred rallies across the country for the past couple of weeks with more happening today in many major cities. After the event talking with healthcare workers and advocates at Clinica Romero, Kerry visited South […]

John Kerry Talks to Immigrant Healthcare Advocates in L.A.

As Ron reported earlier, John Kerry was in Los Angeles today touring parts of downtown Los Angeles with Congressman Xavier Becerra (CA-31), to discuss immigration reform. Kerry was here at Rep. Becerra’s invitation in order to better understand the implications of the various immigration proposals that are currently being debated in Congress. On Friday, the […]

John Kerry to Attend Fundraiser for Francine Busby

John Kerry will be attending a fundraiser for Francine Busby today. Busby is running for Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s seat in California’s 50th Congressional District.

Pamela to see JK & THK!

Heads up! Pamela is out in the field today to see John Kerry speak in California on immigration issues. Teresa will accompany John. As far as I know, there will be three speeches and Pamela will hopefully be able to navigate quickly enough to be in attendance for all of them. Wish her well! Consider […]

Propoganda Helped Bush Tie Iraq War to al-Qaeda

We all know by now that the Bush administration was hard at work to spin justification for their war in Iraq. Here’s the latest revelation… The U.S. military is conducting a propaganda campaign to magnify the role of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to internal military documents and officers familiar with the program. […]