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John Dean on the Libby Revelations

John Dean discusses The Meaning of Libby’s Revelations – and Their Possible Consequences, noting, as I did recently, that they have abused power to retaliate against a critic of their policies: From a political perspective, separate from the illegality, there is the hypocrisy: The Bush Administration has prosecuted and sent to jail officials who leaked […]

Bush’s Messianic Vision

Pamela previously commented on Seymour Hersh’s article in The New Yorker on Bush’s plans for Iran. Hersh was interviewed on CNN’s Late Edition today (just prior to a reshowing of Blitzer’s interview with John Kerry). As Kerry has pointed out in his recent interviews, the Bush Administration lacks any coherent use of diplomacy as we […]

Want more Bush? Elect McCain

This is Helen Thomas’ advice today. McCain, while easily appearing reasonable when compared to George Bush, was never the moderate which the media made him out to be. McCain is a masterful politician. He knows that the Republicans will most likely nominate someone seen as the obvious establishment leader of the party, not an outsider. […]

The 2008 Horse Race

Pamela mentions that the mainstream media has concentrated on Kerry’s comments on running in 2008 as a headline following his appearance today on Meet the Press. It comes as no surprise that the media concentrates on the horse race. While Iraq is the more important news, it is important to get out the message that […]

Kerry Reflects on the ’04 Election

ABC News reports that on Meet The Press this morning, John Kerry said, “I think the biggest mistake was probably not going outside the federal financing so we could have controlled our own message.” The Kerry campaign opted to accept federal money and federal spending limits and other rules after he won the Democratic nomination. […]

John Kerry Speaks the Truth to Power on Meet The Press, Many Heed His Call

This morning on Meet the Press, John Kerry continued to be the leading voice to get tough with the Iraqis and bring our troops home. It bears asking, how, at this point, can anyone still think that we should be sacrificing American soldiers because Iraqi politicians refuse to get serious, step up and do what […]

Live Blogging John Kerry on Meet the Press

John Kerry on Meet The Press