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Iran Plans

The great Seymour Hersh hasa piece in the New Yorker that everyone should read, THE IRAN PLANS. Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb? The Bush Administration, while publicly advocating diplomacy in order to stop Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon, has increased clandestine activities inside Iran and intensified […]

Bush Administration’s Concerted Action To Attack Critics

The Plame story is of interest on many levels (but the complexity might be limiting its consideration by the majority of people–so far). It is usually discussed in terms of the outing of a covert agent’s identity, but there is another important way to look at this. Ultimately this was a conspiracy among people extremely […]

John Kerry Sharply Criticizes Bush on Several Fronts and Highlights His 10-Point Plan

As I reported yesterday, John Kerry teleconferenced yesterday at a political event organized by Rev. Al Sharpton. Kerry had been scheduled to attent the event by could not due to the vote on immigration reform in the Senate yesterday. The NY Times reports on the Kerry’s teleconference today. Here’s a few quips… Senator John Kerry […]

Tom Hayden: Kerry Steps Up

Tom Hayden writes at the Huffington Post that, “Sen. John Kerry’s call for a withdrawal from Iraq, published last Sunday in the New York Times, is the strongest anti-war stand yet taken by a national Democratic leader.” He calls on other Democrats to back Kerry’s position. He also wonders how this will play out in […]

Kerry on Sunday Talk Shows

This week’s Kerry media blitz continues with the Sunday talk shows. John Kerry is scheduled to appear on both Meet the Press and CNN’s Late Edition.

The Problem With TNR

The New Republic has an editorial entitled The Problem with John Kerry. Yes, this is the same TNR which supported the war and endorsed Joe Lieberman. When they had various editors write their reasons for supporting each candidate, they totally ignored John Kerry. My response as posted at TNR: The problem with TNR is that […]

Book on No Fly List

A post at Corrente claims that ” a normal person, a grandmother and a college prof.” was almost prevented from flying due to having a “subversive” book: Guys—we are being watched, and I am not kidding. I almost didn’t fly today. And I had a book confiscated. Title? “American Theocracy” by that oh so flaming […]

Washington Post to Balance Blogs

The protests by the liberal blogosphere over the Washington Post’s hiring of Ben Domenech has had an effect per this report from Raw Story. Liberals were upset that the Washington Post considered the hiring of a far right partisan such as Domenech to be a way of balancing a liberal columnist. Domenech used his position […]