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John Kerry on Imus in the Morning

Friday morning – The Daily Imus: at 7:29 am (est) – John Kerry – Tune in!

Kerry on The Situation Room: Turning Up The Heat on Bush

John Kerry was on CNN’s The Situation Room today. Blitzer covered a range of subjects with his interview (as Matthews also did on Hardball tonight) including the CIA leak disclosure today, Feingold’s censure motion and Kerry’s Iraq proposal. From the transcript… With the word today from prosecutors that he authorized the disclosure of classified intelligence, […]

Kerry on Hardball: ‘Immoral to Allow our Kids to be Killed’

John Kerry was on Hardball tonight discussing the CIA leak disclosure, the implications of disclosure, Kerry’s Iraq proposal, Bush’s polls, the upcoming elections and more… Watch it here. CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST, “HARDBALL”: Let me ask you about this big development today. Scooter Libby, the former chief of staff to the vice-president, he testified to federal […]

John Kerry on The Randi Rhodes Show

John Kerry was on the Randi Rhodes Show yesterday… he did a full of gamit of Progressive Radio Talk Shows, with interviews on Ed Schultz and Al Franken, too. Listen to John Kerry on the Randi Rhodes Show here.

John Kerry Responds to Senator Allard’s Iraq Attacks with a Stunning Rebuke

As I posted a short time ago, Senator Wayne Allard “staged a deplorable, vile attack on John Kerry today on the Senate Floor.” It was a cowardly act, coming on the heels of John Kerry offering a new direction on Iraq that keeps faith with American troops and gives the Iraqis their best chance at […]

Bush Love Fest Interupted by Liberal

Perish the thought… a Bush Love Fest was interupted rudely by a liberal in North Carolina today, who had the audacity to confront Bush on the tough issues that American’s not just liberals care about. The WaPo reports that the interchange was “just what the White House wanted.” “I would hope, from time to time, […]

Kerry and Allard Scrap on the Senate Floor — The Veteran vs. the Veterinarian: Who Do You Trust?

Wayne Allard staged a deplorable, vile attack on John Kerry today on the Senate Floor. It was a cowardly act, as Kerry was in a committee meeting at the time of the attack. He returned to the Senate floor to rebuke Allard’s attack after his committee and issued a scathing rebuttal (text here). Just who […]

Kerry and Cantwell Lead Call for National Summit on Energy Independence

The WaPo reports that “Scientists doing climate research for the federal government say the Bush administration has made it hard for them to speak forthrightly to the public about global warming.” Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world faces today, and today members of Congress have turn up the heat […]