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Kennedy Book Blasts Bush, ‘Preventive War’

New book from Ted Kennedy… America Back on Track: Senator Edward M. Kennedy invokes the leadership of his brothers during the Cuban missile crisis to launch a sharp new attack on President Bush, declaring that Bush should have followed the example of President John F. Kennedy and his attorney general, Robert F. Kennedy, in forging […]

When Will the Bush Administration Get It?

Senator Kerry’s excellent op-ed piece today correctly puts the onus on the Iraqi government, not the U.S., to resolve the impasse in forming the government and stopping the civil war. Unless the Iraqis get serious about governing their own country and solving their own problems, we will have to leave. The role of the U.S. […]

John Kerry on The Ed Schultz Show

John Kerry was making the rounds today on the Progressive Talk Radio Shows doing a full court press on his OP/ED in the NY Times. He did an interview with Al Franken (see earlier post), one with Randi Rhodes (audio later) and one with Ed Schultz. Listen to John Kerry on The Ed Schultz Show […]

Max Cleland: A Brother in Arms

Max Cleland has been vocal over the past year or so, that his support still lies with John Kerry (see here, here & here), so it’s no small surprise that Max has come out strong in support of Kerry’s position on Iraq that was published today’s NY Times. A Brother in Arms By Max Cleland […]

Bush Pushes Health Savings Accounts

Bush was in Connecticut today pushing his health care agenda – healthcare savings accounts. He urged lawmakers “to expand health savings accounts even though congressional Republicans say that is unlikely in an election year.” “Health savings accounts really mean that the individual owns and controls their health care,” Bush said in a state where 400,000 […]

Democrats Form Veterans’ Council

The Army Times notes today that Democrats have formed “a veterans’ advisory council and a new Website to show support for veterans and military families.” Also noted in the Army Times piece was the fact that the “White House rearranged a major speech on Iraq by President Bush to be held at the same time” […]

Kerry’s Plan Gets Nods

John Kerry’s OP/ED in today’s New York Times is getting nods around the blogosphere and amongst his peers. Gary Hart has a blog post on the HuffPo today about Kerry’s OP/ED and Russ Feingold issued a statement endorsing it.

John Kerry on The Al Franken Show

John Kerry was just on the Al Franken Show doing a brief interview on his OP/ED on Iraq, in today’s NY Times. As soon as I can scoop a copy of the audio I’ll post it… Here it is: Listen to John Kerry on the Al Franken Show here. (hat tip to zulchzulu on DU)