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Two NBC TV Stations Reject Move-On Ads

Two NBC stations have have rejected ads from MoveOn.org that criticize four Republican House members for voting in support of “energy and big oil companies.” The ads were rejected on Monday by NBC stations in Columbus, Ohio and Hartford, Conn. The ads paid for by Moveon.org contend that the four GOP lawmakers — Reps. Chris […]

Truthout: Fitzgerald Knew Identity of Leaker From Start

Truthout reports that Fitzgerald knew the identity of the Plame leaker from the start and that “Fitzgerald is now preparing the paperwork to present to a grand jury outlining the charges against Rove in hopes of securing an indictment.” TalkLeft has more here.

John Kerry Calls on Justice Department to Protect Voting Rights for Victims of Katrina

On Monday, John Kerry sent a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and John Tanner, Chief of the Voting Section at the Department of Justice, urging them to immediately reconsider the approval of a voting plan that will disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters in the upcoming Louisiana elections. Kerry opposes the Department of Justice’s […]

DeLay’s Decision

Time Magazine reports that Tom DeLay, the embattled Texas Congressman under indictment feels “liberated” by his decision not to run for re-election and he has “vowed to pursue an aggressive speaking and organizing campaign aimed at promoting foster care, Republican candidates and a closer connection between religion and government.” The pious DeLay told Time magazine […]

The Bugman Exterminates Himself from Congress

Tom “The Bugman” Delay told Tweety Matthews that he will announce tomorrow that he will not seek reelection to Congress

Kennedy On the Senate Floor: Immigration is the Story of American History

Senator Ted Kennedy spoke eloquently on the Senate Floor today on the raging immigration debate. The following is the text of his speech as prepared for delivery and released to The Democratic Daily: Immigration is the story of American history. From the earliest days of our nation, generation upon generation of immigrants has come to […]

Internal FEMA Report Calls for Urgent Reform

The Federal Emergency Mess Agency issued a new internal report “that calls for urgent reform after Hurricane Katrina outlines old failures the disaster response agency was warned about five months before the storm struck.” A Feb. 13 report assessing the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s response to the storm concludes FEMA suffered from confusing leadership roles, […]

Ted Kennedy: Leaders Must Confront Immigration Challenges

As Bill Frist prepares to push for a vote on immigration reform this week, Senator Ted Kennedy gave a speech today on the challenges of immigration reform at the McConnell Center. The following is the text of the speech, as prepared for delivery and received by The Democratic Daily: Thank you so much, Mitch, for […]