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April’s Fool

The WaPo has a profile of Bush attempting to be an Average Joe. It’s not an April Fool’s joke, but Bush certainly qualifies hands down as the April’s Fool of the Month and we’re just getting started. The entire article is a suck up job from the WaPo’s staff writer Peter Baker. “Average Joe” Bush […]

Defending Kerry Against GQ Hit Piece

Jim Witkins of Independents for Kerry emailed me earlier today that a LTE he wrote refuting the negative Kerry article in GQ a couple of months ago was finally published in the April 2006 Issue. Way to go Jim! The LTE isn’t available online but Jim had posted it on his blog, when he wrote […]

Boxer, Feinstein Tell Bush to let California Fight Global Warming

Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein (both D-Calif.) sent a letter to President Bush yesterday, urging him to reverse his Administration’s attempts to undo California’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. Senator Boxer said: “This Administration is trying to slam the door on California’s pioneering efforts to address the grave crisis of global […]

John Kerry Delivers the Democratic Hispanic Radio Address on Immigration Reform

The following is the text of the Democratic Hispanic Radio Address today, delivered by Senator John F. Kerry, as prepared for delivery and received by The Democratic Daily: “Good morning. I am Senator John Kerry from Massachusetts. “This week Senate Democrats won an important victory toward comprehensive immigration reform that honors the contributions of immigrants […]