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Springsteen Vocalizes Anger in New Orleans, Dedicates Song to ‘President Bystander’

Bruce Springsteen, aka “The Boss” was in New Orleans today for the annual Jazz & Heritage Festival. AP News reports that “New Jersey’s favorite son was adopted by New Orleans,” as Springsteen — “through speeches and song — vocalized the anger, frustration, pain and resilience of this hurricane-battered city at the annual Jazz & Heritage […]

George Clooney’s Mission: Save Darfur

George Clooney is on a mission — to Save Darfur. Clooney was in Washington today for the Save Darfur rally just days after returning from a secret mission into Darfur with his television-anchor father, Nick Clooney. They smuggled cameras into the Darfur refugee camps to report on what’s been called the 21st century’s first genocide. […]

Energy Secretary: Oil Companies ‘Have Lost Control of the Market’

On Meet The Press today, in a special one hour “in-depth discussion on Gas Prices,” Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman did not have good news on the future of oil prices. As a matter of fact the news was downright depressing. Grin and bear it, folks — tighten up the belts and the budgets because it […]

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith Dies at 97

John Kenneth Galbraith, author, scholar, diplomat and presidential adviser, died last night in Cambridge, Mass. He was 97. Galbraith was a “preeminent symbol and source of liberal political thought.” The NY Times called Galbraith “an unapologetically liberal member of the political and academic establishment.” Mr. Galbraith was admired, envied and sometimes scorned for his eloquence […]

April Donation Drive

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California Dems Endorse Angelides for Governor

Late Saturday, the California Democratic Party endorsed state Treasurer Phil Angelides as their candidate for governor in the hotly contested primary election between Angelides and Steve Westly. Democrats across the state are looking to oust Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The convention vote marks the first time the state party has formally backed a candidate in […]

Bush Not Amused as Colbert Lampoons Him at the White House Correspondents Dinner (Includes Transcript)

E&P reports that Bush was not amused as Comedy Central’s faux talk show host Stephen Colbert, ripped him in a “blistering comedy ‘tribute’” at the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight. How unamused was Bush? E&P’s reports Colbert’s “tribute” left “George and Laura Bush unsmiling at its close.” Ooh, talk about your just desserts… Colbert, who […]

Thousands Protest War in NYC

Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of lower Manhattan today, demanding an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. The march came just hours after April’s death toll reached 70, marking the highest death toll in Iraq in 5 months. Organizers said the march was also meant to oppose any military action […]